Summer Mix 2007


30. Aug. 2007, 19:14

1. Heaven
Rough Shop is a local band, and I like local music. Plus this is a good version of a good song. And what better way to start than with a little piece of heaven?

2. I Burn Today
Frank Black sets a great mood. "Our house/was filled with many birds/She said to me, I can undersand their words"

3. See the Sky About to Rain
One of my favorite titles, ever. Mellow and melancholy.

4. Streets
Another local band, now defunct. How sad is that?

5. Can I Be Free from Crying
Mellow, melancholy reggae.

6. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
Sometimes melancholy changes into, well, fear. But is that a bad thing? I love this take on the emotion. What an artist John Cale is. The end of this song astounds me.

7. Big Empty Field (No. 2)
The Swell Maps are famous, right? I like this groove, too, and since we've broken with the melancholy we may as well have fun. Good energy. I love little sounds that you don't usually hear, like the sound of a guitar pick scraping a guitar string. This song is full of weird little noises like that.

8. the o of adore
Another guitar track. Veraline is a guitar anti-hero. I like it.

9. Ring of Fire
A beautiful version of this song. I've been listening to it a lot and I like it. I played the autoharp once when my fourth grade class performed some musical show for parents. If it had sounded like this I would have wanted one for myself.

10. Seven Devils Dead
The word manipulator. The word refrigerator. Lee Perry is too cool.

11. Prince of Darkness
I'm a fool for the Mekons . . .

12. Millionaire
. . . and especially Sally Timms.

13. September Gurls
It's an oldie but a goodie.

14. Venus
I listened to this track the other day and it seems quintessentially "New York City". What the hell is up with those background vocals? I love the call and response here:

I fell
Did you feel low?
Nah. I fell . . . straight into the arms of Venus De Milo.

15. African hitchhiker
Hitchhikers carry trunks, so do elephants, the mice came with the elephants . . .

16. Johnny Miner
Did I mention I love the Mekons? I always have and I always will.


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