I need 4 more songs for Young Acerbic


25. Mai. 2012, 17:26

Going to attacc this thematically.... since they're playing UKG, I'm going to learn about the genre and spit about it as a beginner. I'm learning about it just like the characters in the novel

Saw A Set On Kiss F-M / Said “Hey, I’ll Spit Like Them” / G To The A To The Rag Then E / But They Say That Word Differently / Masta Selector / That’s DJ EZ / If I Had To Choose Best / I’d Have To Say Neat / I Know I Said Saw / That's A Youtube Video / I Don't Get Those Waves / To Bang My Stereo / But I Found It Though / That's The Modern Globe / Rhymes & Prose / Infinite Righteous - Let's Go!

Demo tape (traditional modern hip hop, produced by Antiquarian) http://www.last.fm/user/pauliscooler/journal/2012/04/04/5em8bz_goose_mob%3A_%22a_well_intentioned_demo_tape%22

LP Trax (UKG influenced, produced by DJ Hash Fiend)



  • pauliscooler

    You should hear how the Brits say "garage" LOL

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:28
  • pauliscooler

    Just made a soundcloud today. Going to use it mainly for learning about UKG

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:29
  • pauliscooler

    Don't Need Drugs / I'll Find New Genres / But When We Hugged / I Straight Smelled Ganja / Said "Bitch / Hit Me Up / I Got 6 Weeks / Before I Piss In A Cup / That's 2 Weeks High / That's 100 Bucks / You Know I'm Good / For A Real Stoned Fucc" .... yeah that's off the dome you can't fucc with me I reload every time I speed and we've got a full tank

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:43
  • pauliscooler

    those are sloppy I have to say them 100 times before I can flow it 100%

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:44
  • pauliscooler

    Some people think they need to have a trainspotter mind to master this. Nah, breh, you've got it all wrong. It's like trying to know all the producers in American Hip Hop. Some master selector will do that for you. Just learn about who can spit and listen to their fire sets. You have to be from a certain background to be a real trainspotter

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:53
  • pauliscooler

    Those guys probably know every label in the UK that applies to them and random people that work there. Stacks of records where they eat and shit. Maliciously smash things they hate and kill people with the shards. You'll never understand who they actually are unless you accept the fact that they are the master and you're the consumer

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:57
  • pauliscooler

    It's like Kanye or something. Only underground ravers n shit

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:58
  • pauliscooler

    There's 20 tracks, you'll hear 19 and just accept that it's part of the mix, then they bust out an American pop single and the bitches cheese out

    25. Mai. 2012, 17:58
  • pauliscooler

    I don't own any records. I'm a pirate but I always said I'd buy everything on my hard drive. Didn't even buy many CDs as a kid. I was all about books and baseball, I guess

    25. Mai. 2012, 18:00
  • pauliscooler

    Whatever you do, don't pretend you can do what they do. I'm serious. They use Ashlee Simpson records as shanks and roam the streets with their fly open. Just so you say something fresh. You'll never see a trainspotter unless he's trying to fight. He's too busy snorting his anxiety meds in a decent apartment, surrounded by vinyls and his urine

    25. Mai. 2012, 18:03
  • pauliscooler

    Biggie wrote his lyrics in all caps in prison, on pieces of paper. That's why I do it. It's the proper method

    25. Mai. 2012, 18:09
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