Paul Carney, 50, Männlich, Vereinigtes Königreich
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Take ThatWhat You Believe In 14. Okt. 2009
Take ThatI'd Wait for Life 14. Okt. 2009
Alanis MorissetteIronic 14. Okt. 2009
Kelly ClarksonMiss Independent (bonus track) 14. Okt. 2009
Take ThatRule The World 14. Okt. 2009
DidoLife for Rent 14. Okt. 2009
Take ThatLike I Never Loved You at All 14. Okt. 2009
Massive AttackWhat Your Soul Sings 14. Okt. 2009
Kelly ClarksonBecause of You 14. Okt. 2009
LeAnn RimesWe Can 14. Okt. 2009
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Über mich

Paul Carney Music: Beautiful, Passionate, Romantic.

"I advise you to take some time out of your busy day, sit back and listen, if you are to really 'get' Paul Carney's music. This isn't elevator music or tawdry techno babble, this is beautiful, romantic music that will mesmerise, enrapture, and captivate. If you haven't got a heart and soul then don't listen, this isn't for you. Go on, give yourself a few minutes, put your feet up and listen to Paul Carney's music, I guarantee you'll want some more."

Paul Carney's singing career spans several decades. Coming from a musical family in the North East of England, Paul began performing as a child, singing and acting in many stage productions. After spells in Rock and Pop bands, Paul teamed up with his family as guitarist and backing singer in a country band led by his Uncle.

Miss You was written as a tribute to Paul's Mum who died recently from Alzheimers disease. It is powerful and emotional track with heartfelt lyrics that reflect his families grief. It has had much press of late including major reviews in the local press and radio and has been played on Internet Radio stations across the world. It has been released on Matchbox Records.

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