Top 5


27. Feb. 2007, 6:43

1. Led Zeppelin
Introducing Track: Ramble On
Sealed the Deal: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
All-time Favorite: Hey Hey What Can I Do and Dancing Days (among others)

2. Incubus
Introducing Track: Drive
Sealed the Deal: Megalomaniac
All-time Favorite: Circles

3. Sublime
Introducing Track: What I Got
Sealed the Deal: Date Rape
All-time Favorite: Wrong Way

4. Blind Melon
Introducing Track: No Rain
Sealed the Deal: Holyman
All-time Favorite: Mouthful of Cavities

5. Jimi Hendrix
Introducing Track: Purple Haze
Sealed the Deal: Manic Depression
All-time Favorite: Bold As Love


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