Patti Smithed Me!


8. Sep. 2009, 9:30

Patti played for FREE at the Santa Monica Pier on Thursday night. I showed up with my boyfriend, certainly not a poetry or punk fan, and fought with the hundreds of people to park and squirm into the crowd to see her. She was AMAZING! Lively, witty, funny, and with never ending energy. Since the start time was a mystery to us we ended up getting there 30 minutes late... meaning we missed Redondo Beach and Free Money... you know, my favorite of her songs... no biggie :-(. She played Because the Night and Gloria and was in that poetic high where Wildesque words were falling off of her lips with a touch of reverence for the night. Breath taking. Plus she wasn't wearing a that was good. She played for over an hour after I got there, see what I mean about endless energy? She even eventually came down to sign autographs, and I was super close in the line until bastards kept cutting and insisting that the line did not start at the sign that said "LINE STARTS HERE"... so I didn't get to meet her and I probably never will :'(. At least everyone knows that line cutters end up with dick sucking throat cancer... so at least I am avenged.

On a side note... a surprise came at the end of the show when she announced her band and it turned out that Flea was playing with her. And Lenny Kaye of course, looking tired and worn but happy :).


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