My Top Ten- A Meme


14. Mai. 2007, 6:03

top 10 artists and plays:

1 The Smiths 652
2 Morrissey 350
3 Misfits 247
4 Minus the Bear 244
5 The Ramones212
6 The Aquabats 178
7 The Clash 151
8 The Cure 146
9 X 144
10 Tiger Army 137

How many times have you listened to #1?
652 since I got iTunes on this computer, but beyond that I know all their lyrics to all of their songs.

Is this your favorite band?
Damn straight!

What got you into the band?
When I was in highschool, I Love the 80s was on and someone started talking about Morrissey- they all made him sound so sad and pretty and played clips of the Tomorrow video. At that time, WMP played full music videos of TONS of artists, so I was able to look him up and get some of his music—it was all SO fantastic, but everything always talked about how the Smiths were so much better and that that is where he started, so I gave them a try. The rest, as they say (whoever ‘they’ is- perhaps ‘they’ are the group of people that make up dreary cliché sayings) is history.

Why the hell have you listened to them so much?
They make me happy no matter how I am feeling- they are also very comforting, exciting and mentally stimulating—who the hell else sings about Oscar Wilde???

Favorite songs of #1:
Still Ill’ ‘Nowhere Fast’ ‘Rubber Ring’ ‘Pretty Girls Make Graves’… so many more!

What do you think you'd thoroughly enjoy doing with the band?
Going to a costume party!

Favorite memory of the artist?
Walking around Santa Cruz at night, the air damp from the rain and everything glowing from moonlight, taking it all in by myself and listening to Hatful of Hollow on my CD player.

How many times have you listened to #2?

What got you into them?
See Above.

What makes you like them so much?
He doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks, he says what he wants to say, he does it intelligently and so beautifully—you have to respect that.

Favorite songs:
Piccadilly Palare’ ‘Alsatian Cousin’ ‘Pashernate Love’ … pretty much all of Viva Hate... As you can see my by member name, I love Mozza.

Favorite memory of artist:
Seeing him in concert in 2004—my boyfriend got us tickets to his concert, plane tickets to get there and a hotel room. We had nosebleed seats, my bf got a migraine and vomited in the cab afterwards, but I was in such a dreamland that it didn’t matter to me one bit.

How many times have you listened to #3?

Would you pay $30 to see them in concert?
Sure would! I paid 15 to see what passes as the Misfits nowadays— but I would easily double that to see Danzig play with them!

Who's your favorite member?
I have been in love with Glen Danzig since I was a little girl.

Any favorite songs/ memories?
Joking about singing Last Caress at the talent show at my work (a family camp) with my cousin and her beau :).

How many times have you listened to #4?

Would you go fishing with them?
Yeah! I think they’d be down for some good fishing.

Any particular emotions run through you when you listen?
Emotions? Not really—just really chill, laid-backness.

What songs do you like best?
Dog Park’ ‘lets play clowns’ and ‘Pachuca Sunrise’ are my 3 favorites 

How many times have you listened to #5?

What's so intriguing about them?
The Ramones? Everything! Rock and Roll Highschool—the best movie ever… one of the first punk bands- totally revolutionized how to be awesome.

Could you imagine them in a circus?

How many times for #6?

How many 3's in a <333333 would you give them, and why?
All of them that I could! Because they are so awesome—what could be cooler than the Aquabats, you ask? The Aquabats IN CONCERT! All I have to say.

How many times for #7?

I hear 7 is a magical number. Is this band magical?
The Clash is the root of all things magical—nothing short of an amazing, life saving success story. Imagine Joe Strummer squatting in places in London? That much energy, genius and talent NEEDED to be shared with the world!

What are some of your favorite songs, and what memories are attached to them?
Blasting the Clash while driving around the Sierra Nevada mountains with my cousin- windows down, screaming at cows and dancing.

How many times for #8?

How long have you liked this artist?
Far too long.

What are some songs you like?
Killing An Arab’ ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ ‘Just Like Heaven’ ‘Friday I’m in Love’ and… well, all of Staring at the Sea and Other Singles is golden.

Which member would you most enjoy a good square dance with?
Robert Smith—I named my computer after him, and it would be interesting trying to maneuver around his hair.

How many times have you listened to #9?

Random fact you know about the band?
They got exceptionally disillusioned when the punk scene filled with violent people that spit at them.

Poor #10. How many times have you listened to them?

Why have this as #10? Where is the love?
The love is spread throughout my whole music selection! It isn’t bad coming in 10th in a race of hundreds- let me tell you that!

How long have you liked them?
Since the summer after my freshman year of college- they sing a song called Santa Carla Twilight which is about Santa Cruz/The Lost Boys, and I live there/love that movie, so they were instantly awesome to me.

Likes/dislikes of band?
I love their psychobilly awesomeness! Great vocals, awesome guitar and wonderful rhythm section! Also, their background singer used to be the lead from my favorite band before they got all emo and whiny (East Bay Hardcore—bullshit! East Bay Bitchfest more like it!)


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