When Life Gives You Lemons You Paint Portland Gold


13. Mai. 2008, 8:06

Mon 12 May – Atmosphere

this show was nuts...so many good songs...slug's random comments and bird dance...the jug of ocean spray grapefruit juice..portland was indeed painted gold

atmosphere karaoke was quite entertaining. slug was obviously enjoying himself very much. he didn't even really make fun of the two girls that tried to do Say Hey There but forgot all the lyrics after the first verse. the guy who did Trying to Find a Balance was sick, and he knew all the fuckin words. someone else did one of a kind, which is another hard one to rap. slug said that portland was the best city so far (better than LA?) but we were only like the 3rd stop. it was also interesting to hear which songs were slug's favorites, like The Woman with the Tattooed Hands. he did not think that God's Bathroom Floor was a very good one to rap to, and he said he didn't like Pour Me Another because he is not down with heavy drinking anymore.

set list

Less One
Shoulda Known
Like Today
Guns and Cigarettes
Between the Lines
Musical Chairs
Your Glass House
Lyndale Avenue User's Manual
Can't Break
Always Coming Back Home to You
Bird Sings Why the Caged I Know
The Rooster
Little Man
In Her Music Box
part ofGet Fly
Like the Rest of Us

Hockey Hair (as requested by ant)
Guarantees (after ant left)
Not Another Day

slug quotes [paraphrased]:
"i am bigger than syphilis"
"i feel at home in portland. portland is a lot like minneapolis- people drink pbr..people have tattoos..there are a lot of coffee shops...and a bunch of really great independent rappers"
"wow...that just made me cum" (after a good minute of loud cheering from the crowd)
"after the show, let's all go get tattoos!"
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  • Machine6619

    yay! thanks for writing down all the songs; i'm going to steal this setlist by the way.. but credit you, because you're awesome for writing it all down. also, i noticed on atmosphere's charts that there's a dispute between Your Glass House and Your Glasshouse but I think it's the second one, because that's how it's written in the cd booklet; as one word. damn! atmosphere (slug) even has good one liner's outside of songs... i would have totally gotten a tattoo with slug (see there's no such thing as a hypothetical question with slug, he's just totally random) ok sweet. i think portland's setlist was > LA's. so hooray for us. and hooray for autumn!

    14. Mai. 2008, 2:56
  • papiercalque

    i think you are right about your glasshouse but Your Glass House links to the full track. another great slug quote: see you in the autumn! YES!!!

    14. Mai. 2008, 5:59
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