Pantopon Rose "this knife's gonna make some young woman a fine husband"…, Weiblich, Vereinigte Staaten…Zuletzt gesehen: November 2012

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Echo & the BunnymenThe Game 18. Nov. 2012
Corpus DelictiDusk of Hallows 18. Nov. 2012
Peter MurphyI'll Fall With Your Knife 18. Nov. 2012
Sex Gang ChildrenDieche 18. Nov. 2012
Xmal DeutschlandIf Only 18. Nov. 2012
The Birthday PartyZoo Music Girl 18. Nov. 2012
Cocteau TwinsIceblink Luck 18. Nov. 2012
Love And RocketsSo Alive 18. Nov. 2012
SpecimenNothing Lasts Forever 18. Nov. 2012
Adam and the AntsDog Eat Dog 18. Nov. 2012
SwansCelebrity Lifestyle 14. Nov. 2012
Lydia LunchMechanical Flattery 14. Nov. 2012
Psychic TVProof on Survival 14. Nov. 2012
Public Image Ltd.Albatross 14. Nov. 2012
Rowland S. HowardExit Everything 14. Nov. 2012
Neu!Negativland 14. Nov. 2012
Cabaret VoltaireA Thousand Ways Lieblingslied 14. Nov. 2012
Alan VegaPsychopatha 14. Nov. 2012
The Gun ClubSex beat Lieblingslied 14. Nov. 2012
Deutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftMein Herz macht Bum 14. Nov. 2012
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E really enjoy meeting people on last fm to share musick and ideas..If you would like to be mi friend please leave a shout and introduce yourself.. E am not collecting numbers, E want friends that are like minded yet can turn mi on to new things and/or share passions about what we have in common...and E am happy to do thee same...if anyone is interested in checking out thee musick E make it would be great.. THE EYELASH CARPETS can be found on last fm and always Sweet Dreams, Pantopon Rose
and remember....Nothing is real outside your perception ov reality.....or is it?

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