• "Art rap" tag

    21. Okt. 2010, 3:05

    I made some smarmy comment about it on the art rap page. I went back to see if anyone else commented.

    And then I noticed something... on the top artists page... the majority of the artists are white. Hmm...

    I doubt that there is any serious body of music called "art rap." May I just propose a hypothesis? Perhaps many users simply wish to define white or white-friendly hip-hop as "art." Which places the rest of hip-hop as what...?

    Top band: Das Racist. :D
  • the inescapable bias of

    2. Okt. 2006, 14:32

    counting the number of songs played by any artist doesn't really give an complete picture of what someone is listening to. please consider this mathematical study:

    i've listened to the magnetic fields 73 times since i joined i've listened to godspeed you! black emperor 62 times.

    the average magnetic fields song is two and a half minutes. 73 x 2.5 = 182.5 minutes or about 3 hours.

    the average gsy!be song is about 18 minutes long. 18 x 62 = 1116 minutes or 18 and a half hours.

    18 hours vs. 3 hours, yet the magnetic fields are seven positions ahead on my list. obviously play count is not the most significant factor.


    however, if you were to dig really deep for an understanding of what i'm listening to, the time spent playing a certain band on my computer wont grant you that information either. obviously, i don't only listen to music on my computer.

    a less obvious twist would be to consider whether or not i'm conscious while the music is playing. as i love to fall asleep to gsy!be albums, much of the time i'm not even awake as they're playing.


    all in all, is neat, but it's data inaccurate. is very pro-grindcore, very anti-contemporary minimalism.