Greatest Hits: TOTO


4. Dez. 2008, 10:41

This is my Greatest Hits: Toto playlist. Keep in mind, the limit for each of my 'G.H. playlist's is 1.3 hours of play time in iTunes.

This isn't in an order of best or most liked, I just arranged my favorite songs that made the cut into an order that felt like it flowed together.

(Mysterious Ways and Better World just missed the cut)

1. Hydra
2. Child's Anthem
3. Gift of Faith
4. Rosanna
5. 99
6. The Turning Point
7. Caught In The Balance
8. St. George And The Dragon
9. All Us Boys
10. Georgy Porgy
11. Cruel
12. Hold the Line
13. I Will Remember
14. I'll Supply The Love
15. Dave's Gone Skiing
16. Africa

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