Fresh from Frost


27. Mär. 2007, 16:38

One of the album releases I've most eagerly awaited this spring is Love! Revolution! from Norwegian artist Frost. Once being the solo project of Aggie Peterson, Frost became a duo when Aggie was joined by husband Per Martinsen, aka Mental Overdrive. The well-seasoned Martinsen brought a cooler, chillier sound to Frost, maturing the band considerably from the debut album Bedsit Theories to the 2003 release, Melodica.

Love! Revolution! is a piece of polar synth bliss. Aggie Peterson's icy warm voice is a perfect guide through groovy tracks such as One Hundred Years, Free Your Heart and Sleepwalker. All quite fitting for the dance floor. The downtempo, lush beats of Easy and Shift Your Weight soothes and gives me goosebumps. It is clear that the lyrics are more prominent this time around. "I've got a safety pin in my pocket in case something goes wrong" sings Aggie. Indeed, McGyver. I love it. I do!

The catchier-than-ever sound and lyrics has this listener enormously pleased.

Recommended for: fans of Annie, Röyksopp, Homogenic.

Love! Revolution! is available via iTunes.


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