31. Dez. 2009, 0:29

    My name is Christy Ankney and I live in northeast Oklahoma. I’ve been an Avenged Sevenfold diehard for six long years through thick and thin. My Avenged Sevenfold story is one that not only glorifies their name as heroes, but tells a sad tale of struggle and triumph. In honor of our fallen hero, I’d like to share my story.

    It all started six years ago, when I was fourteen years old. I had recently been diagnosed with an incurable and excrutiating skin disease, as well as bipolar, severe depression, and anxiety. A bullying incident at school caused me to drop out. I had no friends, and no one in my family understood me, or was around enough to do so. I spent every day at home, by myself, honestly trying to find new and inventive ways to harm myself. No one knew I did these things to myself, because I hid it. What was going through my head at the time was the fact that I felt more than completely helpless, I felt trapped. Like I didn’t even deserve to die, like that was too good for me. I was seeing a counselor every Tuesday and Thursday evening and taking a number of prescription drugs to help, but nothing did, and some of it even made it worse. Once my counselor found out I’d been cutting myself, she tried to send me to Laureate. I wouldn’t go, because I couldn’t take my music with me, and if it weren’t for the music I listen to, I’d be long gone. I’ve seen Hell…I know what it’s like to live in fear, in relentless agony, being homeless, being broke, not knowing the next time I’m going to get to eat, I know what it’s like to live a life that most people couldn’t. And yet, I made it through, because of one thing. Without this one thing, I never would’ve made it to see sixteen, just like everyone believed.
    I kept seeing the name Avenged Sevenfold everywhere, all over the internet, along with the Waking The Fallen promo photo and an overabundance of praise for these five guys dressed in all black wearing eyeliner. At the time though, it was definitely my thing, so I stopped asking myself “who the hell is Avenged Sevenfold?” and found out for myself. What I found was a song called “Chapter Four”, and after one listen, I was in love. The first time I listened to it, the first thing that came to mind was “holy shit, the drummer can PLAY.” A few months after discovering the band, I had my mom drive me to the other side of town to a small hole-in-the-wall record store, because after a couple phone calls, I knew it was the only place in town that without a doubt had the album in stock. We bought Waking The Fallen and listened to it on the drive home. My mom made comments such as “they sound like a heavier Metallica” while we listened to “Unholy Confessions”. Half-way on the drive home we stopped at a Drysdales so my mom could buy a pair of jeans. I sat in the car and listened to my new CD. After listening to “Unholy Confessions”, “Chapter Four”, and “Second Heartbeat” repeatedly because they were the only songs I knew, I was reading the song titles for the ones I didn’t know on the back of the CD case. I was completely distracted by two song titles that were longer than the rest, that truly stood out to me: “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1″ and Part 2. Of course, I got extremely curious, so I turned on Part 1. I heard the beautiful piano intro begin and closed my eyes. When the pianos stopped and the song really started, I felt overwhelmed. I listened closely to the lyrics and the gentle, raw sound of Matt’s voice as the song took over me. It couldn’t have described how I felt anymore if they tried. Somehow, in this eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds of heartbreaking lyrics and powerful music, I found more than just comfort, I found something I never thought I’d be able to experience. I knew, at the end of the song when it fades to static, I knew I’d found something I never thought I’d be lucky enough to find, anywhere, especially not in a song. I found solace, peace, comfort, and above all else, something that made every breath worth taking and every day a little less painful.
    I look back on the past six years and feel overwhelmed due to everything I’ve experienced and how hard it has been, but the first thing that comes to mind when I think of those things is what got me through them all. Eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds of the most unbelievably underappreciated vocals, pianos, guitars, drums, bass, and intensely astounding harmony. It’s the one thing that has never failed to make my life, no matter how difficult, no matter how badly I just want to give up, something worth living, and I can’t believe I found the answer to all my prayers in such an unexpected group of people, but I did, and I will forever be thankful for what they have done for me.
    For several years, Avenged Sevenfold was my whole life. They made me change the way I think, the way I view the world, and ultimately changed my life. I still have an old quote from Matt that says “I don’t have any guilty pleasures because I like so much different music. If it sounds good, I’ll listen to it.” That quote made me stop caring what other people think of me and love what I love no matter what people say or think, and made me open up and in time I became a lot more social. All of that turned me into somone with more friends than I know what to do with and incredible times, and I’m grateful because up until I evolved into the person I am now, I was alone and miserable all the time. I look at those five men covered in tattoos and not only do I see a band, or even just five guys, I see family. Those boys have gotten me through more hell than you could even comprehend, I owe them my life.
    As of yesterday, I’m faced with the most difficult question I have ever had to ask myself: What do you do when someone who saved your life dies? I have yet to find the answer, and I am not the same person now that he’s gone. One of the five people that put my heart back together is gone forever, and he took his rightful piece of my heart with him. I woke up yesterday morning to my mom running in my room hysterical and yelling “Christy! Oh my god! Oh my god! Jimmy’s dead, the Rev died!” I sat straight up and the both of us ran downstairs and gathered around the computer to look up any information. I hadn’t started to cry yet, I wanted to know for sure. After seeing several articles pertaining to his death, it finally started to sink in, that he really is gone and he isn’t coming back. That’s when the tears started. Mom held me and cried with me, because I’m not the only one in the family with an Avenged Sevenfold tattoo…she has one, too. I cried until I was exhausted and went back to sleep for a couple of hours before I had to pry myself out of bed to get ready for work. I cried in the shower, I cried while getting ready, and on the way to work, I listened to “I Won’t See You Tonight Part 1″ and cried some more, but I didn’t cry as hard during that one as I did when I had the bright idea to turn on “Critical Acclaim” to hear him sing. It tore me up. I tried to put my makeup on in the car, but couldn’t stop crying long enough to do it. I went to work with my mind set on Jimmy, and couldn’t concentrate. Who knows, maybe I’ll go in to work tomorrow and receive a pink slip because I screwed up so much yesterday, but I was completely and totally distraught, and nothing could make me feel better. After work, I came home and tried to rest before I went out, but I couldn’t fall asleep. I was dead tired, but so upset I couldn’t fall asleep. I looked up at an old Cities of Evil Tour promo poster on my wall and jumped up, turned on the light and ran over to the wall it’s on and looked at it close up, and noticed that it’s signed by The Rev. I put my hand over his signature and cried, because it’s the only thing I have that’s personal from him. I drove to my friends’ house around eleven with a thirty case of Miller High Life and a four pack of Sparks for her, and as soon as I got in and settled, I started to drink. Three beers later, we were sitting at the bar, talking about the day in review, and talking about Jimmy’s passing. I choked up and held my beer up, and my friends soon followed, and we made a toast to someone who might be away from the Earth, but will immortalized in his music and in our hearts. I drank eight beers last night, and my limit is half that. My best friends Sarah and Beanie were in the bathroom rolling a blunt, and I was sitting on the floor in front of them, so trashed I couldn’t see straight, when out of nowhere I said “I can’t believe he’s gone, dude.” I started to cry, longer and harder than I’ve cried in a very long time. For an hour, I was completely inconsolable, not only because I was completely drunk, but because it set in, right then and there, that I’d never see him again. Before this, I had never lost someone close to me. My grandpa died when I was five, and my great uncle passed a couple of years ago, but I wasn’t close to or attached to either of them. Jimmy is a part of something that completely changed my life for the best, and to think that he’s gone forever destroys me. I never got to say thank you, I never got to say anything. I’ve met Matt, Zacky, and Johnny, but I never thought not meeting Jimmy the night I met the three of them would mean I’d never get to meet him at all. Right now, I’d give absolutely anything to be with them…to share my story with them, and celebrate his life and all of his accomplishments over the course of his twenty-eight short years. I always said if one of them passed, I’d get a huge memorial tattoo for them, and that’s exactly what I intend on doing. Jimmy was the one that always made me laugh by saying something stupid when I felt like shit. He could play the drums better than anyone I’ve ever seen. He was a great man, he did incredible things for me and an unthinkable amount of others as well. James Owen Sullivan did not leave this earth in vain…he was a best friend, a brilliant musician, and an incredible human being, and he will live on in our hearts and minds forever. We miss you and love you, Jimmy…RIP.
  • Kill Hannah - "Wake Up The Sleepers"

    23. Okt. 2009, 8:18

    There's an indefinite thing or two I'd like to say about this album. At a Kill Hannah show last night, Mat Devine shared with me his thoughts on the album by saying that "Wake Up The Sleepers" possesses more of a personal view on a variety of subjects than the previous release "Hope For The Hopeless", and that the music came from his soul. If that doesn't convince you that this album is a great one, just listen to "Strobe Lights". The song has a touch of old Kill Hannah flavor, that beautiful modern grit texture, a catchy tune and beautifully poetic lyrics. Not to mention that fantastic guitar solo! Props to Kill Hannah for releasing what could be their most underrated, but powerful, most impressive album to date. The album, in my opinion, phenominally expresses Devine's personal growth as well as musical growth. The vocals really stand out in the songs, but with more of an edge this time around, breaking that fragile boundary between beautiful and haunting. I highly recommend this album to anyone who doesn't mind good synth, soulful lyrics, heart-stopping solos, and the insatiable urge to dance until your heart gives out.

    - originally posted by wakeupthesleeper, www.Shockhound.com
  • Cobra Starship: Making a Mess--"Hot Mess", That Is

    7. Aug. 2009, 9:48

    Okay, people liked the original of this un-legit totally corny review, so I figured I might as well write a decent review of this album, because it definitely deserves it, so here goes.

    Three years and three albums later, Cobra Starship are finally making the splash they've deserved the whole time with their new album Hot Mess, which hits stores August 11th. The album features the radio hit Good Girls Go Bad featuring Gossip Girl Leighton Meester, who completely surprised me, and I'm sure about a million others, that she really can sing! Of course, on Hot Mess you get the typical Cobra Starship: party anthems, songs about dirty girls and how Gabe Saporta is a naughty, but they also show a decent bit of depth with Fold Your Hands Child and the genre-defying The World Will Never Do and You're Not In On the Joke (you'll hear what I mean by 'genre-defying' when you hear the little surprise towards the end of the song!)
    I've noticed a good few pop culture references in the song titles and lyrics. Does anyone see the Beatles connection in Living In the Sky With Diamonds? Hopefully, because it's completely obvious What about the song Wet Hot American Summer, which I'm 110% positive is a crummy movie from the early 2000's, starring Geneane Garofalo about summer camp, but the song is definitely better than the flick. Who doesn't think Nice Guys Finish Last has a tinge of "Womanizer" by Britney Spears to it? Good song all in all, but the lyrics are so cheesy I'll be constipated for eight years; it could be the only song on the album I could do without. Oh, and don't forget Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous...and the pop culture reference is completely obvious there, too.
    What we have here is an album destined for #1 on the charts. Pretty soon, what started out as Gabe Saporta's side project from the now-defunct pop-punk band Midtown, has turned into something that many people look at as stupid, but what others look at as music to make you happy, music that makes you want to dance and forget whatever is trying to bog you down in life. They're out to prove they've got nothing to prove, and they keep proving to me that they won't be forgetting their roots anytime soon.
    After being pulled aside by record execs, Gabe posted a blog saying that the people at the record company want them to start a fanclub, and immediately his thoughts were "what about the fans that can't afford to shuffle out cash just to be in an exclusive club?" There are several reasons why I love this band, but when you're in a band that sells out shows and sells tons of albums and you still think about how the fans would feel before making any big decisions, you know you're something much greater than people would dub you for. They seem like they're all fun and games, but it also seems like Cobra Starship truly loves doing what they do, and that's what makes an incredible album. There is love in this music, and if you can't hear it in "Hot Mess", you definitely need to get your ears checked.

    14. Jul. 2009, 18:30

    When your fucking lfm says i need to change the time on my computer because i can't scrobble unless i do?
    i changed it. i still can't scrobble.
    this is frustrating.
    i tried uninstalling and reinstalling,
    that didn't even work!
    fuck. my. life.
  • Nerdy music blog -- earbud quality

    10. Jun. 2009, 11:18

    The past two years or so I've been on a mission--to find the best quality earbuds I can find, compare the prices and the quality, and find the right sound I'm looking for. Price doesn't determine quality....

    I bought a pair that were $9.99 that were awesome. They had a snug but comfortable fit and they cancelled out most noise. I don't remember the make, they broke, RIP. Anyways. To compare prices and quality I bought a $20 pair. They looked about the same, but the differences in sound were remarkable. The cheaper pair sounded better, fit better, were more comfortable, and were far more durable.
    Earlier this year, I spend $4 on a pair of Koss earbuds. They aren't the kind that suction down in your ear like the others (which I prefer to cancel out sound), but for $4, they were a great pair. Durable, good bass, and they even come with a cute little case to put them in. Nifty. Someone from school stole them, what a douche.
    A couple days ago I got a pair of fancy Altec Lansing earbuds, with pretty jewels on them, for about 20 bucks. Altec Lansing made the iPod stereo I have, which I absolutely fucking adore, so I figured I'd try them out because I trust Altec Lansing to deliver a good sound. I was definitely right, they sound awesome. I still wasn't satisfied, however.
    Yesterday I finally bought the ones I've wanted forever. Pink Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds, also around $20. They have a rich, real sound, they're also really impressive. And pink!! I can't decide which I like more though, the Altec Lansing pair is about equally as good.

    I love the Kobe Bryant/Lebron James puppet commercials...
  • newest cobra song ft leighton meester

    9. Mai. 2009, 17:29

    i desperately need Good Girls Go Bad (ft. Leighton Meester) by Cobra Starship

    much to my surprise leighton can fucking sing...man this album is gonna be so good.
  • songs i never get tired of.

    1. Mai. 2009, 17:32

    I was listening to one of my ipod playlists and theres a few songs i always go back and listen to over and over again that I can't seem to get sick of. For me thats a big deal, because I suffer from hardcore musical ADHD, but here are those songs.

    1. Better Than Sex by Halifax - Theres a couple of songs by them that I could listen to on repeat for days on end but this one definitely tops the list.
    2. Snow In Hollywood by Halifax - I'm biased?
    3. I Won't See You Tonight Pt. 1 by Avenged Sevenfold - After four years of being a diehard for this band, its rare that I'll listen to them anymore, but if I do its this song. It's easily the most beautifully tragic song ever made.
    4. Only One by Yellowcard - I'm a sucker for songs with depth, but this one brings back memories and has a tendency to make me cry. Seeing it live is like a spiritual experience...they need to get back together! :[
    5. The Way She Moves by Forever the Sickest Kids - I'm also a sucker for happy music! I love stuff that makes me wanna dance. I know, they're kind of a 14 year old girl band, but so are half of my favorite bands. Obviously I dont care.
    6. Stay Young by We the Kings - I didnt get the title tattooed on my wrists for no reason...man that fuckin hurt. If you get tats on your wrists....ask the artists how many needles theyre using. If its anything under seven be prepared to hurt like a bitch for 2 weeks.
    7. Convalescence by Darkest Hour - Wow, drastic change in genre, but this song is melodic and addictive. Only song by them I can truly stand.
    8. An Ocean Between Us by As I Lay Dying - This whole album is unbelievable. Its one of two metal albums I can listen to thoroughly without skipping over songs, but this song in particular is incredible and I highly recommend it.

    Thats really about all. Music ADHD.
  • New Cobra Starship song.

    15. Apr. 2009, 17:57

    I need an mp3 for Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous by Cobra Starship.

    hit me up if you got it.
  • Music survey

    15. Mär. 2009, 1:23

    I guess I tell what bands I have. Some of these aren't on my LFM, but I do listen to.

    Hard Rock

    [ ] Nickelback
    [ ] Disturbed
    [x] Shinedown
    [ ] Seether
    [ ] Sevendust
    [ ] System of a Down
    [] Flyleaf
    [ ] Staind
    [ ] Drowning Pool
    [ ] Taproot
    [ ] Mudvayne
    [x] Audioslave
    [ ] Trapt
    [ ] KoRn
    [ ] Three Days Grace
    [ ] Evans Blue
    [ ] Godsmack


    [ ] Rascal Flatts
    [ ] Carrie Underwood
    [ ] Faith Hill
    [ ] Hank Williams Jr.
    [ ] Shania Twain
    [ ] Johnny Cash
    [ ] Willie Nelson
    [ ] Merle Haggard
    [ ] Hank Williams III


    [ ] Nekromantix
    [ ] Tiger Army
    [ ] Horrorpops
    [ ] The Cramps
    [ ] Mad Sin
    [ ] The Meteors
    [ ] Reverend Horton Heat
    [ ] Demented Are Go!
    [ ] Batmobile
    [ ] Guana Batz
    [ ] The Gun Club
    [ ] Klingonz
    [ ] Hellbillys
    [ ] The Phenomenauts


    [ ] Teddy Geiger
    [ ] Ashlee Simpson
    [ ] Kelly Clarkson
    [ ] Madonna
    [ ] Avril Lavigne
    [ ] Pink
    [ ] The Veronicas
    [ ] Daniel Powter
    [ ] James Blunt
    [ ] Natasha Bedingfield
    [ ] Ryan Cabrera

    Indie-Rock / Rock / Alternative

    [ ] Hawthorne Heights
    [x] Halifax
    [ ] Fightstar
    [x] Taking Back Sunday[/artist
    Forgive Durden
    [] From First to Last
    [] Senses Fail
    [] Something Corporate
    [x] Hit the Lights
    [] Dashboard Confessional
    [ ] Dear Whoever
    [x] Funeral for a Friend
    [] Silverstein
    [x] The Used
    [] The Spill Canvas


    [ ] Circle Takes the Square
    [ ] Dag Nasty
    [ ] Rites of Spring
    [ ] Moss Icon
    [ ] Orchid
    [ ] Saetia
    [ ] Comadre
    [ ] Indian Summer
    [ ] Joshua Fit for Battle
    [ ] Texas Is the Reason
    [ ] Sunny Day Real Estate
    [ ] Hot Cross
    [ ] Mineral
    [ ] Yaphet Kotto
    [ ] Funeral Diner


    [ ] Brian Eno
    [ ] Labradford
    [ ] Global Communication
    [ ] Harold Budd
    [ ] Lustmord
    [ ] Solaris
    [ ] Steve Roach
    [ ] Vir Unis
    [ ] Gas
    [ ] Tangerine Dream
    [ ] Delerium
    [ ] Stars of the Lid
    [ ] Steve Reich
    [ ] Fennesz


    [ ] AIR
    [ ] Zero 7
    [ ] Thievery Corporation
    [ ] Massive Attack
    [ ] Röyksopp
    [ ] Portishead
    [ ] Boards of Canada
    [ ] Sneaker Pimps
    [ ] Frou Frou
    [ ] Imogen Heap
    [ ] Mandalay
    [ ] Carbon Based Lifeforms


    [x] The Hush Sound
    [X] Death Cab for Cutie
    [ ] The Killers
    [] Elliott Smith
    [ ] Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    [ ] Belle and Sebastian
    [x] The Postal Service
    [ ] Bright Eyes
    [ ] Franz Ferdinand
    [ ] Modest Mouse
    [ ] Cursive
    [x] The Arcade Fire
    [X] The Shins
    [ ] The Decemberists
    [ ] Sufjan Stevens
    [ ] Neutral Milk Hotel
    [] Iron & Wine
    [ ] Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    [] Bloc Party
    [XXXX] Minus the Bear

    (Black) METAL

    [ ] Amon Amarth
    [ ] Dimmu Borgir
    [ ] Carcass
    [ ] Children of Bodom
    [ ] Emperor
    [ ] Carpathian Forest
    [ ] Arcturus
    [ ] Opeth
    [ ] Ayreon
    [ ] Cannibal Corpse
    [ ] At the Gates
    [ ] Burzum
    [ ] Therion
    [ ] Mayhem
    [ ] Necrophagist
    [ ] Darkthrone
    [ ] Celtic Frost
    [ ] Gorgoroth
    [ ] Satyricon
    [ ] Death
    [ ] Finntroll
    [ ] Anaal Nathrakh
    [ ] Testament
    [ ] Atheist
    [ ] Bathory
    [ ] Deicide
    [ ] Slayer
    [ ] Metallica
    [x] Pantera
    That is a fucking ridiculous amount of black metal bands. Fucking seriously....I had one of those out of like, fourty.


    [x] As I Lay Dying
    [x] Atreyu
    [ ] Lamb of God
    [x] Killswitch Engage
    [ ] Unearth
    [x] Throwdown
    [ ] Becoming the Archetype
    [XX] Between the Buried and Me
    [ ] Norma Jean
    [ ] ZAO
    [ ] Converge
    [ ] Botch
    [ ] Bullet For My Valentine
    [ ] Still Remains
    [x] Bleeding Through
    [x] Trivium


    [ ] Forwardx
    [ ] Sick of It All
    [ ] Madball
    [ ] Agnostic Front
    [ ] Gorilla Biscuits
    [ ] Good Clean Fun
    [ ] Donnybrook!
    [ ] Champion
    [ ] Casey Jones
    [ ] Black My Heart
    [ ] Hoods
    [ ] Minor Threat
    [ ] Death Before Dishonor
    [ ] The Warriors
    [ ] xBishopx
    [ ] Too Pure To Die
    [ ] Sinking Ships


    [ ] Thursday
    [ ] At the Drive-In
    [ ] The Blood Brothers
    [ ] Alexisonfire
    [ ] The Fall of Troy
    [ ] Glassjaw
    [ ] Chiodos
    [ ] mewithoutYou
    [ ] Drive Like Jehu
    [ ] Sparta
    [] Underoath
    [ ] Bear vs. Shark
    [ ] These Arms Are Snakes
    [x] Coheed and Cambria
    [ ] The Receiving End of Sirens
    [x] He Is Legend
    [x] Scary Kids Scaring Kids


    [ ] Napalm Death
    [ ] Nasum
    [ ] Pig Destroyer
    [ ] Cattle Decapitation
    [ ] Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    [ ] Cephalic Carnage
    [ ] Anal Cunt
    [ ] Fuck...I'm Dead
    [ ] Ed Gein
    [ ] The Number Twelve Looks Like You
    [ ] Discordance Axis
    [ ] Aborted
    [ ] Assück
    [ ] Ion Dissonance
    [ ] Genghis Tron
    [ ] Cryptopsy
    [ ] Dying Fetus
    [ ] The Locust


    [ ] Neurosis
    [ ] Sunn O
    [ ] Oxbow
    [ ] Red Sparowes
    [ ] Swans
    [ ] Pelican
    [ ] Isis
    [ ] Zeni Geva
    [ ] Cult of Luna
    [ ] Today Is the Day
    [ ] Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    [ ] Crash Worship
    [ ] Explosions in the Sky
    [ ] Grails
    [ ] Culper Ring
    [ ] Tribes of Neurot


    [x] Hellogoodbye
    [] The All-American Rejects
    [ ] Fountains of Wayne
    [] Head Automatica
    [] Weezer
    [x] Panic! at the Disco
    [ ] Jellyfish
    [ ] Teenage Fanclub
    [ ] The Lashes
    [ ] The Lost Patrol Band
    [ ] The Click Five
    [x] Cute Is What We Aim For
    [ ] Wilco
    [ ] The Exploding Hearts


    [ ] Rancid
    [] NOFX
    [] Bad Religion
    [x] Misfits
    [] Anti-Flag
    [ ] Sex Pistols
    [x] Alkaline Trio
    [] Dropkick Murphys
    [ ] Pennywise
    [] Millencolin
    [ ] Operation Ivy
    [ ] Descendents
    [ ] Dead Kennedys
    [x] AFI


    [] blink-182
    [] Green Day
    [x] New Found Glory
    [x] Good Charlotte
    [] Relient K
    [] Sum 41
    [] The Ataris
    [x] The Starting Line
    [x] Simple Plan
    [x] The Offspring
    [ ] Lagwagon
    [ ] Box Car Racer
    [] Motion City Soundtrack


    [ ] The Unseen
    [ ] The Casualties
    [ ] GBH
    [ ] The Varukers
    [ ] Cock Sparrer
    [ ] The Virus
    [ ] The Exploited
    [ ] Sham 69
    [ ] Tilly and the Wall
    [ ] Lower Class Brats
    [ ] Clit 45
    [ ] U.S. Bombs
    [ ] Leftöver Crack
    [ ] Subhumans
    [ ] Anti-Nowhere League


    [ ] Amebix
    [ ] Aus-Rotten
    [ ] His Hero Is Gone
    [ ] Nausea
    [ ] Crass
    [ ] From Ashes Rise
    [ ] Skitsystem
    [ ] Rudimentary Peni
    [ ] Extreme Noise Terror
    [ ] Tragedy
    [ ] Wolf Parade
    [ ] Anti-Product
    [ ] Behind Enemy Lines


    [ ] Ying Yang Twins
    [ ] Bubba Sparxxx
    [ ] Paul Wall
    [ ] Jay-Z
    [ ] Nas
    [ ] DMX
    [ ] Ice Cube
    [ ] 2Pac
    [ ] Cypress Hill
    [ ] Ludacris
    [ ] Lil Jon
    [ ] Eminem
    [ ] 50 Cent
    [ ] Kanye West
    [ ] Bow Wow
    [ ] Wu-Tang Clan
    [ ] Murs


    [ ] Dilated Peoples
    [ ] Mos Def
    [ ] Atmosphere
    [ ] Sage Francis
    [ ] Talib Kweli
    [ ] Aesop Rock
    [ ] Blackalicious
    [ ] Souls of Mischief
    [ ] MF DOOM
    [ ] Jurassic 5
    [ ] Jedi Mind Tricks
    [ ] Common
    [ ] Gang Starr
    [ ] A Tribe Called Quest
    [ ] Ghostface
    [ ] Pete Rock
    [ ] De La Soul
    [ ] Necro
    [ ] Immortal Technique
    [ ] Ill Bill
    [ ] Gym Class Heroes


    [ ] Streetlight Manifesto
    [] The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    [ ] Big D and the Kids Table
    [ ] The Toasters
    [] Goldfinger
    [ ] The Aquabats
    [] Reel Big Fish
    [ ] Fortunado
    [ ] Skankin' Pickle
    [ ] Madness
    [ ] The Skatalites
    [ ] Voodoo Glowskulls
    [ ] Five Iron Frenzy
    [ ] Tip the Van
    [ ] Stealing From Peter
    [ ] The Specials
    [ ] Catch 22


    [ ] The Doors
    [ ] The Beatles
    [ ] The Rolling Stones
    [ ] The Clash
    [ ] The Who
    [ ] Aerosmith
    [ ] Black Sabbath
    [ ] The Kinks
    [ ] Kiss
    [ ] Ramones
    [ ] Pink Floyd
    [ ] Led Zeppelin
    [ ] Heart
    [ ] Guns N' Roses
    [ ] Jimi Hendrix


    [x] Sublime
    [x] Cake
    [ ] Spin Doctors
    [x] The Smashing Pumpkins
    [ ] Gin Blossoms
    [ ] Alice in Chains
    [ ] Soundgarden
    [ ] Toad the Wet Sprocket
    [x] 311
    [ ] Live
    [ ] Bush
    [ ] Third Eye Blind
    [] Goo Goo Dolls
    [ ] Barenaked Ladies
    [ ] Counting Crows
    [ ] No Doubt
    [ ] Nirvana


    [ ] KMFDM
    [ ] Ministry
    [ ] Nine Inch Nails
    [ ] Laibach
    [ ] Einstürzende Neubauten
    [ ] Skinny Puppy
    [ ] Front Line Assembly
    [x] VNV Nation
    [ ] Crossbreed
    [ ] :Wumpscut:
    [ ] Throbbing Gristle
    [ ] Hocico
    [ ] Assemblage 23
    [ ] Front 242
    [ ] Funker Vogt
    [ ] Psyclon Nine
    [ ] Suicide Commando
    [ ] Grendel
    [ ] Nitzer Ebb
    [ ] Haujobb
    [ ] The Birthday Massacre
    [ ] Mortiis


    [ ] Ladytron
    [ ] Fischerspooner
    [ ] Peaches
    [ ] ADULT.
    [ ] Freezepop
    [] Daft Punk
    [ ] Goldfrapp
    [x] Shiny Toy Guns
    [x] Clear Static
    [ ] The Faint
    [ ] The Knife
    [ ] She Wants Revenge
    [ ] Chicks on Speed
    [ ] LCD Soundsystem
    [ ] Dirty Sanchez
    [ ] Le Tigre


    [ ] The Chemical Brothers
    [ ] The Prodigy
    [ ] Moby
    [ ] The Crystal Method
    [ ] Aphex Twin
    [ ] Basement Jaxx
    [ ] Juno Reactor
    [ ] Amon Tobin
    [ ] Orbital
    [ ] Paul Oakenfold
    [ ] UNKLE
    [ ] Tricky
    [ ] Benny Benassi
    [ ] Photek
    [ ] Roni Size
    [ ] LTJ Bukem
    [ ] Boom Bip
  • Good Shit to LIsten to While High List

    13. Mär. 2009, 22:56

    I wrote this caveman style with a pen and paper earlier today...while high. Imagine that.

    1) Every Avenue - Maybe I'm biased, but Take A Step Back and Boys Will Be Boys both sound so good right now. On the other hand, Where Were You is too abrasive for my current state. I don't recommend it, unless you enjoy abrasive music while baked. If that's the case, try downloading some Converge...

    2) Darkest Hour - Not just any Darkest Hour song, but Convalescence. The song has a very rough but also ambient texture to it, and somehow, John Henry's screaming is actually...relaxing to me. Its not annoying like most screaming.

    3) Midtown - Help Me Sleep is classing Midtown. Just about any song from Forget What You Know is a good way to go. And One Last Time from the album Living Well Is The Best Revenge is awesome too.

    4) Mayday Parade - Derek Sanders' voice is so smooth and gorgeous and makes me melt, even sober. Mmm. Miserable at Best and Jersey really showcase those sultry vocals. Better than weed & pizza.

    5) Cute Is What We Aim For - I used to hate this band for being a sceney staple, but in at least one song, they show a spark of originality. Hollywood sounds a little shy of Panic! at the Disco with the horns and song topic. Just an opinion. I'm high, shut it.

    6) Friday Night Boys - 3 AM and Thursday Night Pregame are good ones. That's all I have to say. I'm pissed because I missed their show last night.

    7) Cold War Kids - I love the music for Hang Me Up to Dry. A friend of mine introduced me to this song like six months ago, and I still love it just as much as I did then, which for me is kind of a big deal.

    8) Owl City - I love Adam Young, he's most brilliant. West Coast Friendship and Designer Skyline are my favorites to listen to when I'm high. Sorry, Adam, I know you're a good boy & all. I don't know your vices...if you have any, that is.

    9) Minus the Bear - Anything by this band is amazing. They're very mellow, ideal stoner music. Knights and El Torrente are a couple favorites.

    10) Muse - I love Muse. Their sound is very distinct and innovative, and slightly risky. I love that about them. Lately I've been listening to Sing for Absolution a lot, but Apocalypse Please and Supermassive Black Hole are both great songs as well.

    11) Halifax - Again, I might be biased, but their sound is soothing when I'm high. I adore this band, and ironically, I'm high, like, 60% of the time I'm listening to them.Snow In Hollywood and Better Than Sex are my all-time favorites.

    That's all for now, I'm sure I'll be adding more soon, because that's definitely not the only ones that need to be mentioned.