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Über mich

I like the california sky
I like the people passing by
I like to shout on New Year's Eve
I like the way we live
and the ice cream bars
I like you playing your guitar
and when you call from afar
I like the gap beetwen your teeth
I like us when we sleep
and when you wake me up

I like not being late again
And play the piano all the day
I like my cloud number one
I like to be on-line
And hear you're bubbly laugh
I like sweet wine and orange juice
And listening to the good morning news
I like my brother and my sis
I like to hear they miss
and to say I do
I like to sway back and forth
I like the music from the north
Green cherry tea and jelly pie
I like you when you cry
and when we kiss goodbye
I like the colours of the spring
I like so many other things

Don't have to say all the rest..

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