this was hard.... top bands/songs


1. Mai. 2006, 4:53


  • leadbellylover

    weird mix of metalica,puddle of mudd Linkin Park.. and Thousand Fout Crutch And The Benjamin Gate and flyleaf..

    1. Mai. 2006, 9:36
  • tobymacfan

    The Art Of Breaking, Phenomenon, and Last Words are all awesome songs!!!!!!! Thousand Foot Krutch is awesome!!!!!!!! Lift Me Up is a awesome song!!!!!! The Benjamin Gate rocks!!!!!!

    2. Mai. 2006, 19:50
  • tobymacfan

    Let This One Stay is a awesome song!!!!!! Dizmas is awesome!!!!!!

    2. Mai. 2006, 19:50
  • leadbellylover

    I'm also a fan of Thosand Foot Crutch & The Benjamin Gate and I Once totaly get Loose at a Toby Mac Gig! He's great! Dizmas I Never Heard Of Thou...

    4. Mai. 2006, 15:01
  • orangeweezel

    yeah dizmas is a great band too. i just recently started listening to them but they really are an aweosme band. and yeah i guess it is a weird mix of muxic i like... i never really thought about it

    5. Mai. 2006, 8:49
  • leadbellylover

    Well it's ovious you play what you like,and then so what it's weird mix,as long as you like it,right? If you would look in my charts you find a weird mix also,that's becouse i like a lot of music,not only just one genre,I gues.

    8. Mai. 2006, 11:49
  • nibbish

    I've got an old Dizmas demo that I picked up at their booth at Sonshine for... like $5. Good stuff. I'll echo the first poster's sentiment of what a crazy metallica/linkin park/ben gate combination you've got going there.

    13. Mai. 2006, 2:21
  • Nickleback

    Nickelback Hinder Blue October The Fray PANIC! At The Disco The Killers The All-American Regects Crossfade Snow Patrol AND Bowling For Soup I do not know if this what you want but it is my favort bands

    22. Nov. 2006, 1:07
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