My newest mix, "Endlessly"


2. Jan. 2008, 5:28

I make mix albums often enough, and more often than not for friends... and sometimes simply for my own soundtrack pleasure.

This one however, was made in the spirit of New Year's revelry, but of course fits anytime you'd like to feel elevated. I didn't want to make a 'party mix' per se, but one simply expressing my idea of pop bliss - headphone symphony or dance party, whatever. It's fun.

So if you have access to these tracks, go ahead and make your own - you won't be disappointed. If not, comment and maybe I can send you a copy.


1. One Heavy February
Architecture In Helsinki

2. Do What You Wanna Do
Acid House Kings

3. Chemicals Collide
Cloud Cult

4. Feelgood By Numbers
The Go! Team

5. Loop Duplicate My Heart
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

6. A Couple of Instruments
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

7. We Are Happy Landfill

8. Sunshine and Clouds (and Everything Proud)
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

9. Endlessly
Mercury Rev

10. Young Bride

11. Without You
Harry Nilsson

12. Do The Whirlwind
Architecture In Helsinki

13. Mike Mills

14. He Needs Me (Shelley Duvall, Punch Drunk Love OST)
Jon Brion

15. Tonight Is Forever
Acid House Kings

16. Crystal Blue R.I.P.
Dean & Britta

17. Chicken Pox
I'm From Barcelona

18. Switchblade Heart

19. It's Not Really Cold When It Snows
The Russian Futurists

20. Final Say

21. Hugging My Grudge
The Boy Least Likely To

22. Her Majesty
The Beatles

23. Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah