25. Dez. 2011, 10:11


mixed by CRIM3S
a two part mixtape
TXTBK's CH▼ЯCH X▼ BЯXK3N 7▲NG▼▲G3 #46 saAaAaVemEe
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Extensive Musical Taste, electro-indie, IDM, People who are repeating lyrics in their minds even when they are not listening to…, AFTER THE POST ROCK, Lo-Fi music, New Weird America, Ed Banger Records, Introverted Lonely and Over-Sensitive, Dance Punk, Deathrock, John Peel, Kompakt, Detroit Techno, Ethereal, 90s Alternative, Darkwave Music, The New Rave Group - with a hint on indie., Editors, I am X, netlabels, H.P.Lovecraft (The Cthulhu Church), The WIRE Magazine, Planet Mu, -Dark Music-, GRAVE WAVE, Cat Power (Chan Marshall), Skinny Puppy, The Old Masters Of Electronic Music, DFA Records, Missingtoof, Electronic Confusion, Bloody Beetrooters, Artists who are users, Ghostly International, Indie Disco, Alchemy - The Music of David Sylvian, bigstereo, The Beat Group, m3rck records, Hidden Artists, Belgian Electronics, music to fall asleep to, Soulwax aka 2 Many DJs, Bladerunner, Tympanik Audio, Throbbing Gristle, NO CONCLUSION, Musica Cthulhiana, David Bowie's Crotch Appreciation Club, Flying Lotus, SONGS OHIA, Genesis P-Orridge, The Music Maker Society, Dr Lektroluv, Wire, shitkatapult, Violent Sensuality (Bloodsports Fetish & BDSM Community), dance rock, we love... DFA, Newbreed, Litany, Boyd Rice, The Notwist, ElectroPunk, Post-Techno, de-bug magazine, Self Destruction, The The, Public Image Ltd, Artists who are users 2, Poet's Corner, Beggars Banquet, Spectral Sound, Nexus 6, Birdwatchers, Belgian Ambient, friends of redhalo, ANIMAL MY SOUL, Mute America UK Deutschland, crammed, Third Wave Industrial Music, schematic records, .:Black Rainbow:., Phil Western fans, PARTYSHANK, Space Factory Records, Gomma
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People who listen to music while they're sleeping, especially at times when they…, The Hype Machine, Obscure Post-Punk and New Wave, Soundtrack Geeks, Warp Records fans, David Bowie, Joy Division, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, 80s Gothic, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Consistantly NEW dance and electronic, Emotional Experimental Electronica, Crystal Castles, Newgaze, Kitsune, Chillwave, Dead Can Dance, electro, Goldfrapp, Coil, Bpitch Control, New Rave, Brainwashed, Autechre, 4AD, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Fall, Rephlex, Can, ru_idm, Ad Noiseam, Dada?, Electronic Explorations, TV on the Radio, Witchhouse, Artificial Intelligence, experimental and other-side electronics, Hymen, Modular, No Wave, Surreal, Industrial Records, First Wave Industrial Music, we heart netlabels, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Late Of The Pier, Legendary Pink Dots, Get Physical, Gigolo Records, Trax Magazine on, Skam Records, PostEverything, We are the Music Makers, -=EuroCrunk=-, Psychic TV, World Serpent, Biosphere, We Are Reasonable People, Industrial Musik, Diamanda Galas, Galaxie 500, Wax Trax, Swans, The Erol Forum, Gang of Four, Boys Noize, cEvin Key Projects, Foetus, Kill Your TV, Pornography, Cabaret Voltaire, Junior Boys, Bargeld and Cave, Wobble, Alien Sex Fiend, Clock DVA, Negative † Youth, Freezepop, Gridlock, Dario Argento, Donnie Darko Fans, Second Wave Industrial Music, Tear Garden, The Future Sound of London, Dancefloor Mayhem, The Pop Group Family Tree, Ghost Drone, Asia Argento, Edward Ka-Spel, Mute, swishco friends, inver†ed cr0ss, swim, Githead, Mark Spybey / Dead Voices on Air, Tarmvred, Softlight, Winterkalte, Jackson and His Computer Band fans, Trash Palace


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