Christian Rock Volume II


17. Sep. 2006, 14:31

This week I decided to focus on just one christian artist, then look at the track number and pick my favorite track for each number. (Did that make sense?)
Anyway the artist of the week is Switchfoot

1.Meant to Live
2.Chem 6A
3.Happy Is a Yuppie Word
4.Company Car
5.Dare You to Move
6.The Blues
7.Only Hope
8.Life And Love And Why
10.Adding to the Noise
11.We Are One Tonight


  • tobymacfan

    I love Switchfoot and I love all of those songs from Switchfoot.

    17. Sep. 2006, 15:31
  • kalsonberry

    Interesting, here's mine: 1. Dare You To Move 2. Learning To Breathe 3. More Than Fine 4. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine 5. Home 6. Something More 7. The Setting Sun 8. Gone 9. On Fire 10. Erosion 11. We Are One Tonight 12. Daisy

    17. Sep. 2006, 16:43
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