• KPOP Bio

    18. Okt. 2007, 22:20

    Born from boredom in 1994, KPOP emerged from the post-grunge landscape of the early 90s into the often vibrant Norman, OK music scene. KPOP occupied a unique voice amongst the surprisingly fertile musical talent the Norman scene had to offer. KPOP's driving drum rhythms, punchy melodic bass, savage squealing guitars and belting female vocals predated many of the popular sounds of late 1990's rock and post-punk music. In the pre-internet days of yore the band released their only CD, "Your Plan Is Puny" (Nub Records, 1996) and in the four short years of their existence they gained a lot of momentum beyond their home territory of Oklahoma. The record landed them on CMJ's charts for weeks, breaking the Top Ten in college markets around the country. That same year they co-wrote the self titled theme song to BMX bike genius Mat Hoffman's ESPN show "Kids in the Way", with Mat supplying the lyrics about doing it your own way. As with all things, there is a beginning and an end and after four years together in various incarnations the band followed their own individual paths. However, KPOP has left us music that still sounds extremely fresh and vibrant to this day.Myspace page