Windir lyrics translated: Sognariket sine Krigarar


14. Jan. 2008, 16:09

So now - almost 1 1/2 year since last time: A new Windir translation. By popular request i give you Sognariket Sine Krigarar

The warriors of the kingdom of Sogn.

Here between Fimreite and Aorøya are the warriors of the future
Proud and fearless they are ready to kill, for the gods they’ll do everything

(Lead on) the warrior so he will wake, (lead on) so he will dever die
(Lead on) so he will reign, he who has been one with darkness (*)

They shall kill, they shall be honoured
to the gods they shall sacrifice so we become immortal

The traitors who took our honour, the warriors will kill
The traitors who mocked our god, the warriors will sacrifice one by one

The warriors will never forget what the christians have tried to hide
The most powerful kingdom of all times
So now [the warriors] shall rise with the strongest hate, in memory of the gods (**)
The next thousand years are ours, the traitors will walk the path of war, hatered and tears.
War... hatered... tears...

(*) I'm not able to translate figure out what "Laia ao" means

(**) The word "råysast" is also a bit difficult to place. I've had to refomulate a bit to make it understandable, but I hope I captured the original meaning


  • svartalfheim39

    Thank you very much for every word you've translated in this song :)

    14. Jan. 2008, 16:54
  • FourthHorseman

    Awesome, just found Windir and wanted translations...thanks for filling the void.

    20. Jan. 2008, 13:17
  • Anden87

    I thank you for your awesome work... I've been looking for a translation of this song since a long, long time Greeting from Italy

    5. Apr. 2008, 7:07
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