• been feeling like this for a while

    10. Dez. 2008, 21:12

    Yup, it's annoying to see the same old journal for years, so:
    (Sounds like a lovely profile text, but I have got to make myself scarce, don't I.)

    Ah, man, it seriously seems like I'm an ardent follower of pop. I'm not! These charts are blatant lies! I listen to things that are not lonely men with guitars, right? Right? Punk, anyone? Anywhere?

    Coming up: new albums by such darlings as the Kings of Convenience (Quiet IS the new loud, huh?), Phoenix, Ghost of Tom Joad (Matterhorn), ... and others... The Libertines are getting back together now that the Dirty Pretty Things are dead! Or not!
  • 50-percent reunion...

    13. Apr. 2007, 20:38

    ask me again tomorrow when i'm a) well rested and b) have seen (and heard) all videos.
    so until then... well... (that's a rather negative "er" sort of "well".)

    (the likely lads a.k.a. los libertonos)
  • pre-pubescent crushes were so odd.

    21. Mär. 2007, 15:05

    chapeau to peter doherty's withdrawal from the club 27 (since march 12) and

    AND the libertines's/babyshambles's "hooligans on e". especially to "hooligans on e".
  • must-have #1

    17. Jun. 2006, 11:17

    time to write down concerts.

    20.05.06 - painwords, mighty midgets, no way to use
    17.06.06 - battle of the bands (mammut almut, egotrip, disorder, pepo)
    12.08.06 - pipelineclub
    19.08.06 - open air (don cabron)
    21.10.06 - sunview drive, quarter
    06.12.06 - disco ensemble, madsen

    20.01.07 - abnoba, elmsfire
    29.01.07 - napoleon, 30 seconds to motherfucking mars
    17.02.07 - popo tobago, kränk
    17.05.07 - akki newcomer 5 (robotnik, summercold, remote controle, notaufnahme, the wet one's, long fur, atmospheric pressure, popo tobago)
    29.05.07 - open-air werden (arme ritter, butterfly coma, chelsy, leo can dive, mediengruppe telekommander, sugarplum fairy)
    07.06.07 - zakk necomer 5 (andastra, black roach, vinyl sky, abnoba, autistic adventure, punk'd royal, spontan)
    10.06.07 - abnoba
    23.06.07 - bochum total (tocotronic)
    07.09.07 - night of joy (leeland)
    08.09.07 - rock the universe (the afters, pocket full of rocks, tobymac, jeremy camp, relient k)

    24.06.08 - rock am annette (daily peace project)
    03.07.08 - bochum total (ghost of tom joad)
    04.07.08 - bochum total (roman fischer)
    05.07.08 - bochum total (ghost of tom joad)
    09.07.08 - styrofoam, death cab for cutie
    26.07.08 - fest van cleef (ghost of tom joad, niels frievert, i am kloot, robocop kraus, tomte, kettcar)
    09.08.08 - olgas rock (escapado, uncommon men from mars, claus grabke, the world/inferno friendship society, kaizers orchestra)
    06.09.08 - 1125 jahre duisburg (leo can dive, wir sind helden)
    25.09.08 - blackbird, tomte (unplugged)
    04.10.08 - die goldenen, schönes wochenende, popo tobago
    18.10.08 - desiree kläukens, florian glässing, gisbert zu knyphausen
    28.11.08 - locas in love
    06.12.08 - jetlag, your scope, sunview drive
    16.12.08 - home of the lame, olli schulz (and rasmus engler reading)
    20.12.08 - daily peace project, necrane, phallos

    31.01.09 - proberaum, the haps, notaufnahme!
    03.02.09 - sænder, clickclickdecker
    04.02.09 - everlaunch, oasis
    07.03.09 - voltaire, clickclickdecker
    14.03.09 - beeline, ghost of tom joad
    04.04.09 - peer, clickclickdecker
    07.04.09 - schöftland, gisbert zu knyphausen
    24.04.09 - proberaum, the haps, daily peace project
    25.04.09 - leak of space (acoustically)
    30.04.09 - mexican elvis, sir simon battle
    09.05.09 - akki newcomer 7 (infernal noise, when all is done, proberaum, leak of space, testbild, förderkreis, scheiss drauf, nfo, vollkommen egal, uniform)
    13.05.09 - proberaum, schauspieler (half-way unplugged)
    16.05.09 - thoai-hong thu, phallos, mammut almut
    17.05.09 - billie the vision & the dancers
    01.06.09 - pfingst open-air werden (ja, panik, black lips, the whitest boy alive)
    10.06.09 - junifieber (vollkommen egal, proberaum)
    27.06.09 - duisburger stadtfest (fotos)
    05.07.09 - rheinkultur (get well soon, virginia jetzt!, olli schulz)
    12.07.09 - fest van cleef (gisbert zu knyphausen, muff potter, kilians, why?, tomte, element of crime)
    25.07.09 - open source (stabil elite, er france, pipelineclub, musiccargo, hauschka & schneidertm & hildur gudnadottir, the streets, tocotronic)
    07.08.09 - olgasrock (mikroboy, the chapman family, ghost of tom joad, the (international) noise conspiracy)
    14.08.09ff - dockville (herrenmagazin, turbostaat, patrick wolf, these new puritans, blumentopf, miss li, mediengruppe telekommander; i-fire, vierkanttretlager, crystal antlers, locas in love, whitest boy alive, bonaparte, mgmt, frittenbude; beat!beat!beat!, ghost of tom joad, hundreds, kettcar)
    29.08.09 - proberaum, leak of space
    17.09.09 - kilians, razorlight
    21.09.09 - naima husseini, tele
    25.09.09 - does it offend you, yeah?
    14.10.09 - billie the vision & the dancers
    16.10.09 - periscope, billie the vision & the dancers
    19.11.09 - videoclub, friska viljor, phoenix
    30.11.09 - locas in love
    01.12.09 - first aid kit, royal bangs, port o'brien
    08.12.09 - drag the river, chris wollard & the ship thieves, muff potter
    09.12.09 - boy, fotos
    19.12.09 - necrane, phallos

    18.01.10 - mint, we were promised jetpacks
    19.01.10 - beat!beat!beat!
    20.02.10 - dominic janssen, tom liwa
    06.03.10 - schönes wochenende, borrachos, popo tobago
    02.04.10 - ira atari & rampue, bratze
    07.04.10 - spontan, fotos
    10.04.10 - vollkommen egal
    21.04.10 - dupec, we were promised jetpacks
    24.04.10 - gisbert zu knyphausen
    01.05.10 - akki newcomer 8 (those mondays, proberaum, scheiss drauf, cattelan)
    24.05.10 - open air werden (beat!beat!beat!, gisbert zu knyphausen, friska viljor, bonaparte, callejon)
    28.05.10f - abifestival (smokey joe, miyagi, adolar, ghost of tom joad, rantanplan, supershirt, videoclub; augustin, bravour, pa'jelliks, manko nova, captain planet, der fall böse, creme fresh, mikroboy, jupiter jones, bonaparte, bratze)
    09.06.10 - festival contre le racisme (the indelicates, turbostaat)
    18.06.10 - hurricane (biffy clyro, hot water music, kashmir, shout out louds, k's choice, fm belfast, tegan & sara, mando diao; local natives, we are scientists, timid tiger, florence + the machine, element of crime, jack johnson, two door cinema club; does it offend you, yeah?, horse the band, phoenix, the gaslight anthem, deichkind, ash, the strokes)
    24.06.10 - james yull, phoenix
    25.06.10 - spontan
    04.07.10 - spontan
    15.07.10f - bochum total (pohlmann., beat!beat!beat!, enno bunger, timid tiger)
    23.07.10f - appletree garden festival (bratze, we were promised jetpacks, get well soon, we have band; roman fischer, balthazar, 1000 robota, hellsongs, gisbert zu knyphausen, friska viljor, die sterne, fm belfast)
    14.08.10 - olgas rock (young rebel set)
    22.08.10 - gamescom festival (timid tiger, olli schulz solo)
    18.09.10 - spilles open-air (vollkommen egal, mighty mammut movement, eskabé)
    24.09.10 - fotos
    08.10.10 - proberaum, oh, napoleon
    13.10.10 - champions, beat! beat! beat!
    10.11.10 - fm belfast

    29.01.11 - justus parker, fotos
    05.03.11 - the paper queens, ghost of tom joad
    21.04.11 - honig, entertainment for the braindead, artwon artown artnow
    30.04.11 - home of the lame
    13.05.11 - maiwoche (speed bump, findus, wirtz)
    14.05.11 - maiwoche (fabian von wegen, deine jugend, deine jugend, beat!beat!beat!)
    17.05.11 - champions, the horror the horror
    19.05.11 - maiwoche (caspar)
    20.05.11 - maiwoche (therapiezentrum, adolar, the boxer rebellion)
    26.05.11 - asta bandcontest (tree, pony empire, kneeless moose, secret diary, north and about)
    07.06.11 - stereo inn, sir simon battle
    24.06.11 - mikroboy
    01.07.11f - abifestival (mikrokosmos23, kraftklub, casper, saalschutz, bravour, i heart sharks, tusq, escapado, herrenmagazin, k.i.z., beat!beat!beat!, hgich.t)
    22.07.11f - appleetree garden festival (moss, beat!beat!beat!, bombay bicycle club, metronomy; tim neuhaus, retro stefson, kat frankie, bodi bill, future islands, junip, hundreds, johnossi)
    12.08.11 - olgas rock (adolar)
    19.08.11ff - gamescom festival (julia marcell, kraftklub, blumentopf, bloons, hufschlag & braun, like people on train, beat!beat!beat!, nil, locas in love)
    28.08.11 - wild nothing
    02.10.11 - la more, rockaway shanty, locas in love
    09.10.11 - peterlicht
    12.10.11 - ari hest, boy
    05.11.11 - the late call
    08.11.11 - honig, tim neuhaus & the cabinet, an horse
    23.11.11 - eirwen skye, deep sea diver
    26.11.11 - those mondays, varinia akua, proberaum, cattelan
    09.12.11 - fest van cleef (ghost of tom joad, maike rosa vogel, frank turner, moritz krämer, element of crime, clickclickdecker, thees uhlmann, casper)
    16.12.11 - locas in love
    21.12.11 - great dynamo, cattelan

    14.01.12 - gillian grassie, honig
    28.01.12 - travels & trunks, good morning fire eater, we were promised jetpacks
    17.02.12 - we invented paris, moritz krämer
    24.02.12 - charles robotnik, locas in love
    25.02.12 - charles robotnik, locas in love
    14.04.12 - popsalon (olli schulz, effi, i heart sharks)
    22.04.12 - the late call, ghost of tom joad
    07.07.12 - fairytale festival (fuck art, let's dance, hauschka, schwefelgelb, fotos, fehlfarben)
    13.07.12f - abifestival (mega!mega!, cro, kakkmaddafakka, distemper, the t.c.h.i.k., vierkanttretlager, timid tiger, turbostaat, we are enfant terrible, de fofftig penns)
    10.08.12ff dockville (sarahjaminn, we are alaska, i am oak, sleep party people, captain capa, the maccabees, maximo park, frittenbude, apparat band; waves of joy, pool, retro stefson, the kabeedies (?), urban cone, niki & the dove; mister valaire, me succeeds (?), in golden tears, tune-yards, die vögel, tocotronic, niels frevert)
    24.08.12ff bootboohook (japandroids, super700, tocotronic; french films, jens friebe, whomadewho, the whitest boy alive, bratze; next stop: horizon, isbells, niels frevert, boy)
    08.09.12 paper beat scissors
    22.12.12 pascal finkenauer, enno bunger

    16.04.13 - mind trap
    10.05.13 - sorab jon asar, willy fog, goodbye fairground, tigeryouth
    14.05.13 - mind trap
    20.05.13 caught indie act, fibre
    31.05.13f - immergut (royal canoe, white fence, toy, efterklang, team me, jens lekman, christian löffler; fenster, young dreams, the vaccines,roosevelt, gold panda)
    18.06.13 - piet buslay, les sap, noleta & the beast, kajak
    03.07.13 - foufou, the undun, the holographic field ensemble
    13.07.13 - hola a todo el mundo, ben galliers, die höchste eisenbahn, max schröder & das love
    21.07.13 - karl scott
    31.08.13 - waves, no weather talks, the dimensions
    23.09.13 - kryscho, natalia mateo
    05.11.13 - this is the kit, the national
    21.12.13 - charles robotnik, pauly, søyl

    13.02.14 - petula, clickclickdecker
    15.02.14 - desiree klaeukens, die höchste eisenbahn
    25.03.14 - someone still loves you, boris yeltsin
    29.04.14 - chris imler, ja, panik
    02.09.14 - schöftland, locas in love, niels frevert, tim neuhaus, clueso, die höchste eisenbahn, gisbert zu knyphausen & kid kopphausen band
    22.09.14 - sylvan esso
    05.10.14 - circa waves, the libertines

  • destroying songs

    16. Mai. 2006, 19:23

    i hate the moment when you realize the perfect song isn't perfect anymore. or when the song slowly vanishes and you just can't stop it, you keep on listening and then... you know the song, and you're so sad and scared you'll never find something this wonderful anymore. as happened with many songs.
    from 30 Seconds to Mars or jared leto's acoustic greatness to Yeti.
    putting too much into music, it hurts.

    i create my paradise
    everything i've held
    has hit the wall
    what used to be yours
    isn't yours at all

    falling apart, and all that i'm asking
    is it a crime, am i overreacting
    oh, he's under my skin
    just give me something to get rid of him
    i've got a reason now to bury this alive
    another little white lie

    Alexz Johnson, "skin".
    but, after all, i came to the point where i really don't care about mainstream and indie and genres anymore. still working on not being too influenceable.
  • hurry up, mrs. brown*.

    11. Mai. 2006, 16:52

    i missed my 5000th track. and the babyshambles, but whatever, i'm young and all. shoop shoop.

    * (i know it's actually ms. brown, but WHO CARES?)
  • "louder now" and friends

    24. Apr. 2006, 14:04

    note to head:
    Taking Back Sunday's new album's out.

    & go marry Hey There Delilah.

    note to head 2:
    Snow Patrol's "eyes open" is out as well.
    -more or less- soon out:
    Razorlight and Keane.
  • survey-questions-answers-whatever-thing.

    10. Mär. 2006, 18:11

    [Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers. NO CHEATING!]

    How does the world see me?
    Song: Beautiful
    Artist: Patrick Nuo
    Comments: I like that song! Uh. Good answer, computer.

    Will I have a happy life?
    Song: Opfer (=victim)
    Artist: Die Ärzte
    Comments: I'm the victim! Strange song... = strange life?

    What do my friends really think of me?
    Song: Ol' '55
    Artist: Tom Waits
    Comments: "Stars beginning to fade, and I lead the parade... And it's six in the morning, gave me no warning; I had to be on my way. Well there's trucks all a-passing me, and the lights are all flashing, I'm on my way home from your place."

    Do people secretly lust after me?
    Song: El Tango De Roxanne
    Artist: Ewan McGregor, Jose Feliciano & Jacek Koman
    Comments: That's a yes?!

    How can I make myself happy?
    Song: The End With You
    Artist: Box Car Racer
    Comments: Not quite that optimistic lyrics...

    What should I do with my life?
    Song: You Can Do It
    Artist: No Doubt
    Comments: How fitting...

    Why should life be full of so much pain?
    Song: Sumisu
    Artist: Farin Urlaub
    Comments: "Unsre Nächte waren einsam/unsre Herzen waren schwer/es gab niemanden, der uns verstehen konnte oder wollte"

    How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
    Song: Roll With It
    Artist: Oasis
    Comments: Whatever.

    Will I ever have children?
    Song: All I Have to Give
    Artist: Backstreet Boys
    Comments: I do count that as "yes". Or I want children and will never have them.

    Will I die happy?
    Song: Wilde Welt
    Artist: Die Ärzte
    Comments: Second one. Yes, I'll die happy.

    What is some good advice for me?
    Song: If I could turn back the hands of time
    Artist: R. Kelly
    Comments: Advice: Delete music off the pc regularly...

    What is happiness?
    Song: Number Five With A Bullet
    Artist: Taking Back Sunday
    Comments: Someone shouting at you? "We gonna die like this, you know, miserable and old"

    What is my favourite fetish?
    Song: This Love
    Artist: Maroon 5
    Comments: Smooooth.

    How will I be remembered?
    Song: Asthenia
    Artist: Blink182
    Comments: (I regret to have a third song of Die Ärzte in here. So it's the next one.) As a girl in space? Sounds nice. As someone isolated? Oh well. "I miss you so much." and "Should I go back, should I go back, should I? This time I don't want to. I hope I won't forget you."

    Fun fun fun.
  • 12 in 2005

    2. Jan. 2006, 16:05

    2005 is over. from mid-july to new year's eve audioscrobbler listed 3000 tracks for me. and now: my twelve (that was hard.) songs of 2005. not new releases, just what i found and liked. by now i don't like all of them anymore but there was i time when i listened to them pretty excessive.

    Attack (acoustic)
    I'm Lost Without You
    Round Here
    The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
    Grace Is Gone
    While We Were Hunting Rabbits
    I'm Sorry
    How to Be Dead
    Existentialism On Prom Night
    New American Classic
    Tell the King

    (i'm sorry but i had to do this...)
    ballads rock!