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Was there a movie that you could not bear to see until its end?

"Avatar... I did actually make it through the whole thing but I wouldn't EVER sit through it again. No fucking way. James Cameron should have his fucking head examined. For a movie that blew what was it, 200 million to make, it seemed like they spent about a buck seventy five for writers. What a pant load... A pant load of heavy handed, mega PC, teenage political horse shit. By the half way point I would have helped the miners destroy the "injins" magic tree myself! Don't get me wrong, I LIKE science fiction movies but I couldn't stand this. I heard it described as every preachy, stomach turning, "eco" bumper sticker you've ever seen made into a movie. Knowing how the stupid, self serving "powers that be" think, James Cameron will probably end up getting a Nobel Prize for this fucking dog shit... Which was probably his point to begin with."

- Buzz Osborne

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