Godspeed You! Black EmperorStatic Lieblingslied Juli 2014
Carissa's WierdBlessed Arms That Hold You Tight, Freezing Cold and Alone Lieblingslied Juni 2014
Carissa's WierdBlue Champagne Glass Lieblingslied Juni 2014
Carissa's WierdBlankets Stare Lieblingslied Juni 2014
Carissa's WierdA Bathtile Green Lieblingslied Juni 2014
Carissa's WierdHeather Rhodes Lieblingslied Juni 2014
Carissa's WierdBrooke Daniels' Tiny Broken Fingers Lieblingslied Juni 2014
Carissa's WierdPhantom Fireworks Lieblingslied Juni 2014
Carissa's WierdDrunk W/ The Only Saints I Know Lieblingslied Juni 2014
AmesoeursAu crépuscule de nos rêves Lieblingslied Juni 2014
BlueneckVenger Lieblingslied Juni 2014
KonghTänk på döden Lieblingslied Juni 2014
AgallochLimbs Lieblingslied Juni 2014
The CureApart Lieblingslied Mai 2014
The Album LeafOver The Pond Lieblingslied April 2014
DeVotchKaHow It Ends Lieblingslied April 2014
Carissa's WierdAsleep Lieblingslied April 2014
Carissa's WierdChelsea Hotel Lieblingslied April 2014
BirdyShelter Lieblingslied April 2014
MonoBurial at Sea Lieblingslied April 2014
A Silver Mt. ZionSit in the Middle of Three Galloping Dogs Lieblingslied April 2014
LifeloverI Love (To Hurt) You Lieblingslied April 2014
MonoSilent Flight, Sleeping Dawn Lieblingslied April 2014
LifeloverMyspys Lieblingslied April 2014
Vancouver Sleep ClinicVapour Lieblingslied Februar 2014
RaeinTigersuit Lieblingslied November 2013
With Horses In Her EyesPage 5 Lieblingslied August 2013
ChairliftBruises Lieblingslied August 2013
Haunted Like a HouseDo What Thou Wilt Lieblingslied August 2013
Carissa's WierdUnfaileable Lieblingslied August 2013
Carissa's WierdFigure It Out Lieblingslied August 2013
Carissa's WierdSympathy Bush Lieblingslied August 2013
Carissa's WierdSofisticated Fuck Princess Please Leave Me Alone Lieblingslied August 2013
Carissa's WierdLow Budget Slow Motion Soundtrack Song for the Leaving Scene Lieblingslied August 2013
The Radio Dept.It's Personal Lieblingslied August 2013
MuirBreathing (Part One) Lieblingslied August 2013
The Khayembii CommuniquéBetter Times Are Better Left Dead Lieblingslied Juli 2013
A Silver Mt. ZionCould’ve Moved Mountains Lieblingslied Juli 2013
SlowdiveDagger Lieblingslied Juli 2013
SlowdiveSpanish Air Lieblingslied Juli 2013
M83Wait Lieblingslied Juni 2013
Angus & Julia StoneBig Jet Plane Lieblingslied Juni 2013
Kings of LeonCloser - Presets Remix Lieblingslied April 2013
A Silver Mt. ZionBuilt Then Burnt [Hurrah! Hurrah!] Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
A.ArmadaThe Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand… Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
GiantsWhile the Ages Steal Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
Carissa's WierdOne Night Stand Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
Carissa's WierdYou Should Be at Home Here Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
Carissa's WierdThe Color That Your Eyes Changed With the Color of Your Hair Lieblingslied Dezember 2012
GuttermouthCan I Borrow Some Ambition? Lieblingslied Dezember 2012