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TourdeForce is an eclectronic music “Incarnation” founded in Bergamo – Northern Italy, in the year 2004. The project comprises different colleagues and collaborators in order to render heterogeneous [TDF] system: workforce and songwriting through a variety of musical background and influences from all the involved artists, coordinated by Christian Ryder.
This choice has also the clear purpose to avoid any limiting genre cataloguing for [TDF] music, nonetheless band main lines are decidedly influenced by the ‘80s. Their first work (2004) is judged as demo of the month by the Italian magazine :Ritual: and TourdeForce has a little interview in a column for best emerging bands. In 2005 a version of their song “Wedding in Fusion” (taken from the homonym EP) appears on the free compilation on-line Italian-Body-music vol.2.
2007 is the year of “Omnes Feriunt, Ultima Necat”, a dramatic and melancholy work based on research of melody. This album gets very good reviews and it gives [TDF] some more visibility into the alternative electronic music panorama; in 2007 TourdeForce opens for Client performance in Milan (27th april).
In december 2009 TourdeForce releases “We’re NOT Underground”, an mp3 album available for free download and published by Inv3rno net label.
On 3rd april 2010 TourdeForce releases “Colours in Life” (Breakdown Records), probably the album of year (trustworthy rumours!)
Sure that the use of technology and electronic devices in music does not imply a lack of creativity or absence of feelings in music, [TDF] communicates the suffering in the West progressive decadence, the death of tragic feeling, the difference between art and truth, love and the dark side of love: music as expression of inner-space and introspection, with an impressive nuance from literature, sociology, psychology and cinema.

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