Recommendation #40 [Mistabishi - Drop]


8. Feb. 2009, 16:46


Blasting onto the DNB scene after being personally responsible for starting the credit crunch, Mistabishi's share price has more than tripled in the last 12months...

In late 2007 Mistabishi debuted on Hospital with the absolutely huge No Matter What, this rave piano led, modern jungle anthem quickly grabbed daytime radio one support from Jo Whiley, Annie Mac & Zane Lowe. Switching from the City to the studio, James Pullen has never looked back.

Just over a year later, with the financial world in meltdown, the Mistabishi DNB machine is anything but, as he unleashes his debut album Drop. Brave, inventive and arguably the most challenging long player ever on Hospital Records, if Tyler Durden made DNB this would be it.

Tracks such as Printer Jam, Damage, Greed and the dubstep flavoured White Collar Grime are early examples of recession induced creativity as the Mistabishi sound goes from melancholy to menacing within the blink of an eye.


Mistabishi - Drop

1. Mistabishi - Heaven's Sake (3:50)
2. Mistabishi - No Matter What (5:41)
3. Mistabishi - Printer Jam (3:32)
4. Mistabishi - Lean (5:01)
5. Mistabishi - View from Nowhere (4:38)
6. Mistabishi - White Collar Grime (5:07)
7. Mistabishi - Damage (4:39)
8. Mistabishi - Greed (4:47)
9. Mistabishi - Wipe Your Tears (3:16)
10. Mistabishi - The Light's Really Bad (6:01)
11. Mistabishi - From Memory (5:44)

Album will be released on 23 of February at Hospital Recrds. You can pre-order at this link I dont understand why She Lied didnt make it on the album. Its a monster tune... Never the less, big respect for Mistabishi.


  • TeamNinja

    i was also surprised that she lied wasn't on there. i guess because it was already released (although so was no matter what), they didn't want to rehash it and have people complain and get like "OMG THIS ALBUM SUCKS THIS SINGLE WAS ALREADY RELEASED!!!"

    25. Feb. 2009, 1:10
  • ofLogic

    But still No Matter What (NHS130) was released at the end of 2007 and She Lied (NHS137) at the beginning of 2008.

    25. Feb. 2009, 9:47
  • LaurieEwen

    I suppose it might be because No Matter What was really the tune that launched Mistabishi into the scene. It's possibly more iconic than She Lied and there probably wasn't enough space (or some reason) to fit them both on. The same for Falling in Love probably, and I love that track too. Big ups to the Mista, this is one hell of an album.

    26. Feb. 2009, 20:32
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