• Cloud Control, Jinja Safari, Fishing

    31. Mär. 2011, 9:34

    Thu 24 Mar – Cloud Control - My Fear Tour

    On a wet Thursday night, George Street’s Metro Theatre provided an excellent escape for those wanting to hear some of the best of what new Aussie indie has to offer. The high demand for tickets was reflected in the show’s sold out status, leading the Metro foyer to be absolutely packed with flanno-wearing punters beforehand.

    First up were Sydney electronic duo Fishing. Their intriguing set ultimately chilled out the crowd but their intriguing projected-visuals filled set never brought a dull moment. Despite their minimal and often odd crowd interaction, the computerised ambient rhythms were a welcome change from a more monotonous warm-up act.

    Next up were the much hyped Jinja Safari who brought a real sense of jungle adventure to the big city. Their performance combined childlike primordial dancing, finger snapping and ol’ fashioned crowd singalongs as they introduced tracks from their upcoming album, as well as upcoming single Hiccups and crowd favourite Peter Pan. The frantic display on the relatively small stage was a notch even higher than when I saw them last, at Sydney’s Garden Music festival, and by end of the set the crowd was thoroughly ready to return to the jungle. It seems to be only a matter of time before Jinja are launching national or at least regional tours in their own right.

    Returning from their global endeavours, Cloud Control seemed at ease back in their hometown, immediately launching into Ghost Story, allowing the packed in front few rows of punters to regain their dancing feet. Interweaving old and new efforts, including rarities over four years old, the crowd was treated to a special set which attempted to recreate the secluded bedroom surroundings in which their earliest tracks were recorded through the ingenious use of a small stepladder which lead singer Alister Wright perched on for most of the slower numbers. Wright and Heidi Lenffer continually played off each other throughout the night, with Lenffer assuming the role of a local Karen O-like figure by showing off her dancing skills and immense vocal prowess.

    Being the My Fear tour, the band introduced and then played a uniquely different acoustic arrangement to the song and then also announced that tonight would be the last rendition of hit Gold Canary to incorporate a live Butthole Surfers interlude. It wasn’t the ritual chanting of that particular song which received the biggest applause of the night however, that was reserved for finale There’s Nothing In The Water You Can’t Fight.

    After an interesting but slightly out of place live remix collaboration with Fishing to open the encore, There’s Nothing In The Water provided an apt conclusion to a night of great value Australian music, giving the crowd a sense of a band really ‘on fire’ in the process of making inroads into the global scene.
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    5. Apr. 2010, 11:36

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