• 2012 favorites

    20. Dez. 2012, 23:18

    1. Concatenating Fields by Trouble Books
    2. I Know What Love Isn't by Jens Lekman
    3. Bloom by Beach House
    4. Bend Beyond by Woods
    5. LUX by Brian Eno
    6. Shields by Grizzly Bear
    7. Pre Language by Disappears
    8. Clear Moon by Mt. Eerie
    9. Nootropics by Lower Dens
    10. Halfway Home by Angel Olson

    Songs from Aforementioned Albums:
    1. Demagnetizer, Lurk Underneath, Collapsed Arpeggio
    2. Every Little Hair, The World Moves On
    3. Myth, The Hours
    4. It Ain't Easy, Impossible Sky
    5. LUX 2
    6. Yet Again, Sleeping Ute
    7. Replicate, Joa
    8. Lone Bell
    9. Brains, In the End is the Beginning, Alphabet Song
    10. The Waiting, Free

    Jeff Mangum at the Athenaum, Chicago
    Jens Lekman at Lincoln Hall, Chicago
    Lower Dens at the Subterranean, Chicago

    Other stuff that was cool:
    This Will Have Been, art exhibit, Museum of Contemporary Art
    NW by Zadie Smith
    reprinting of Tarkovsky Polaroids
    Launch of Halfwit Coffee, Chicago

    Good year for art, music, and everything else. As usual.
  • 2009 favorites

    7. Jan. 2010, 7:23

    for fun.

    1. endless pool 12" by the trouble books
    2. bitte orca by dirty projectors
    3. open power ep by lucky dragons
    4. veckatimest by grizzly bear
    5. merriweather post pavilion by animal collective
    6. losing feeling ep by no age
    7. clangour by sin fang bous
    8. cd-r by teengirl fantasy
    9. self-titled by yakuza heart attack
    10. i'm going away by fiery furnaces

    songs from aforementioned records:
    1. tusk love revisited
    2. useful chamber
    3. travelling song
    4. two weeks, i live with you
    5. taste, guys eyes
    6. genie
    7. lies
    8. floor to floor
    9. power surge, beast attack
    10. lost at sea, cut the cake

    favorite shows of 2009:
    1. the books and lymbyc system in columbus, ohio
    2. yo la tengo in some random ohio college town
    3. múm and sin fang bous in new york city
    4. lucky dragons and teengirl fantasy in new york city

    other projects and stuff that was good this year:
    2009 idea announcement list ( by david horvitz
    a small distraction by david horvitz
    ruth by nana grizol
    everything goes wrong by vivian girls
    eating animals by jonathan safran foer
    a gate at the stairs by lorrie moore
    zeitoun by dave eggers (cuddling and all)
    shoplifting from american apparel by tao lin
    food, inc. directed by robert kinner
    inglorious basterds, directed by quentin tarantino

    looking forward to:
    teen dream, the new beach house record (and dvd!)
    the way out, the new books record
    dear god i hate myself, the new xiu xiu ep

    hopefully tours from all those bands, and, more personally...

    graduating from college.

    helllllooooo 2010
  • 2008 favorites

    29. Dez. 2008, 2:07

    1. trouble books, the united colors of trouble books
    2. mount eerie with julie doiron and fred squire, lost wisdom
    3. xiu xiu, women as lovers
    4. bon iver, for emma, forever ago
    5. beach house, devotion
    6. times new viking, rip it off
    7. dodos, visiter
    8. thao nguyen and the get down stay down, we brave bee stings and all
    9. ruby suns, sea lion
    10. paleo, song diary

    songs from aforementioned records:
    1. personal tornadoes/cuyahoga falls hardcore
    2. you swan, go on
    3. ftw
    4. re: stacks
    5. gila/wedding bell
    6. mean god
    7. fools/jodi
    8. geography/feet asleep
    9. tane mahuta
    10. april 13th, 2007

    favorite shows of 2008:
    1. xiu xiu with thao nguyen and the get down stay down, columbus
    2. radiohead with grizzly bear, cleveland
    3. pitchfork, (animal collective, caribou, dinosaur jr) chicago

    jenny holzer, for the guggenheim
    david horvitz, walking partner
    david horvitz, things for sale that i will mail you
    david horvitz, dollar bills
    david horvitz, public sex acts
    david horvitz, everything that can happen in a day
    mikhael subotzky, die veir hoeke
    catherine opie, icehouses
    catherine opie, being and having
    steve mccurry, south southeast

    looking forward to:
    animal collective's new set, duh
    richard yates by tao lin
    shoplifting from american apparel by tao lin
    mount eerie has ANOTHER new album in may
    heard that sonic youth is touring this summer....?