Alluvial EP now out on Elpa music (free d/l!)


13. Jun. 2011, 20:02

The new 4-track Northcape Alluvial EP has now been released by Latvian netlabel ELPAMUSIC for FREE download (sorry for the slight delay).
The catalogue number is Elpa70 and you can find the label here: The release can also be found on its internet archive release page:
The 'Alluvial' EP is inspired by geology, human prehistory and the idea of 'deep time' (I was reading about some of these subjects when producing the EP!). I have tried to express a sense of scale, which is in contrast to the more personal landscapes that inspire much of Northcape's material. The result is this EP which contains four slow-building but still melodic tracks with a more ambient feel. Some of the tracks are inspired by the idea of human habitation in the distant past, and others by geological space- the release image is pretty much a landscape I was imagining when I was writing the tracks.
The sound is definitely an exploration of new ground - expect something a bit different from my normal approach to melodic electronica (which has more obviously in common with melodic electronica/ IDM artists such as Ulrich Schnauss and Boards of Canada)- but I think these tracks still keep a recognisable sound, albeit with maybe a touch more influence from more ambient music (artists I have enjoyed and who may have had a small influence on this EP include Biosphere, Stars of the Lid and Global Communication but I'm not claiming that the EP sounds like any of these!)...
Thanks to ELPAMUSIC for releasing this EP, they have released some great material in the past and I'm glad that this release will be on there.

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If you want to hear more from Northcape, check out the latest album Captured From Static out now on Sun Sea Sky Productions, and the Northcape website at


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