lame-o survey because i like talking about myself


24. Mai. 2006, 23:58

You take your top fifteen artists here on, and post the first song you heard by them, the one that made you fall in love with them and your current favorite.

1. brand new
First Song: tautau
Fell In Love: the quiet things that no one ever knows
Current Favorite: yeah
Fave album: deja entendu

2. saves the day
First Song: at your funeral
Fell In Love: the way his collar falls
Current Favorite: the vast spoils of america
Fave album: stay what you are

3. something corporate
First Song: if u c jordan :)
Fell In Love: i woke up in a car
Current Favorite: break myself maybe?
Fave album: leaving through the window

4. the get up kids
First Song: holiday
Fell In Love: holiday
Current Favorite: central standard time
Fave album: something to write home about

5. jimmy eat world
First Song: the middle
Fell In Love: get it faster
Current Favorite: the world you love... and blister
Fave album: too hard.

6. bright eyes
First Song: the calender hung itself
Fell In Love: haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh
Current Favorite: the movement of a hand
Fave album: fevers and mirrors

7. fall out boy
First Song: grand theft autumn
Fell In Love: chicago is so two years ago
Fave album: ehh.. heart will always be the b-side

8. guster
First Song: speculated: something off lost and gone forever
Fell In Love: demons
Current Favorite: come downstairs and say hello, i spy
Fave album: keep it together

9. motion city soundtrack
First Song: my favorite accident
Fell In Love: my favorite accident
Current Favorite: hold me down
Fave album: commit this to memory

10. ben folds
First Song: sheeeeeee's a brick and i'm drowning sloooowly..if you're picky then maybe zak and sara
Fell In Love: still fighting it
Current Favorite: fred jones, pt. 2
Fave album: rockin' the suburbs

11. weakerthans
First Song: plea from a cat named virtue
Fell In Love: aside
Current Favorite: left and leaving
Fave album: left and leaving

12. dashboard confessional
First Song: ender will save us all
Fell In Love: the sharp hint of new tears
Current Favorite: ehh.. shirts and gloves
Fave album: so impossible EP

13. ataris
First Song: in this diary
Fell In Love: so long astoria
Current Favorite: my hotel year / looking back on today
Fave album: so long astoria

14. death cab for cutie
First Song: the sound of settling
Fell In Love: title and registration
Current Favorite: i will follow you into the dark
Fave album: transatlanticism

15. taking back sunday
First Song: cute without the e (cut from the team)
Fell In Love: timberwolves at new jersey
Current Favorite: ALWAYS timberwolves at new jersey
Fave album: tell all your friends


  • borboski

    You, sir, are an emo kid, and I claim my hoxton quiff.

    25. Mai. 2006, 0:13
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