1. Mai. 2012, 14:08

It’s time for a new guest mix! No. 54 comes from the Atlanta duo Featureless Ghost. Their fine new EP MindBody was recently released by Night People – you can get it from the label, and stream it in its entirety on the duo’s Soundcloud. Featureless Ghost are currently on tour so if you happen to be so lucky as to live in one of these cities, go and see them!
Here’s what Matt and Elise said about their killer mix: “This mix is a collection of songs we’re really into at the moment. The songs and artists appeal to us because of their strong vision. They are unafraid to get deeply experimental without abandoning pop-music tropes. It’s a blend of old and new, classic and obscure, good and better. And they all happen to rely on the skilled use of synthesizers, drum machines, and in some cases, killer vocals.” Nothing to add there! Get to know mix:

NC GUEST MIX#54: Featureless Ghost

02. PolysickDCO2
03. Cabaret VoltaireCode
04. Jeff & Jane HudsonUp from Hell
05. Gary AllenWhat’s So Atomic?
06. FemminielliEstados Alterados
07. Michael GarrisonTake a Chance
08. Chris & CoseyMoorby
09. TI-THOdie liebe ist ein abenteuer
10. Dylan EttingerBlue and Blue
11. D-VideoCM Hacker
12. TelepathicWe Are Telepathique
13. Fingers, Inc.Never No More Lonely

Featureless Site.
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