• Just some disks

    6. Mär. 2014, 1:26

    Lamb of God Sacrament
    Trash Talk Trash Talk
    Metallica Garage Inc.
    Ramones Anthology
    Sisters of Mercy First and Last and Always
    Motörhead Ace Of Spaces
    ZZ Top Greatest Hits
    Pantera Reinventing Hell: The Best of Pantera
    Bad Reaction Had It Coming
    Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York
    Bob Marley & the Wailers Feel Alright
    Black Anvil Time Insults the Mind
    Type o Negative Bloody Kisses
    Deal with it Eyjafjallajökull
    Annihilation Time Tales Of The Ancient Age
    Skull Crusher Blinded By Illusion
    Noheroes Time Will Tell
    Lick EP
  • Just some lyrics

    6. Mär. 2014, 1:25

    Back to the world that's much too real
    In pumps life that I must feel
    But can't look forward to reveal
    Look to the time when I'll live

    Fed through the tube that sticks in me
    Just like a wartime novelty
    Tied to machines that make me be
    Cut this life off from me

    in One

    But I won't cry for yesterday
    There's an ordinary world
    Somehow I have to find
    And as I try to make my way
    To the ordinary world
    I will learn to survive

    in Ordinary World

    What doesn't kill you, only makes you pissed off

    in Punch Me I Bleed

    Searching for things I can't see
    Mountains in front of me
    No nothing will conquer my existence
    Fear will not discover my brain

    in Freak

    In between your whispers so sincere
    (I’ll catch you when you fall)
    Through the eyes of broken innocence
    (I’d sell my heart for stones)
    Leave it all behind and fade away
    (To feel your purest blue)
    I can feel your purest blue, for you I must be strong
    For I don’t know right from wrong

    in Sell My Heart For Stones

    Hearing only what you want to hear
    And knowing only what you've heard
    You, you're smothered in tragedy
    And you're out to save the world

    in My Friend of Misery

    It makes them disappear
    It fills their life with fear
    When their future isn't clear
    It makes them disappear

    in It Makes Them Disappear

    On splintered bones, I walk
    Shifting through the blood
    Besieged in fear
    Await the coming of the God

    I will watch you die again for him

    Blood is raining downward
    The stain reflects the sun
    Conquer divide within
    Terrorize the mind

    in Jihad

    They will tell you all about guilt
    And in time you'll face the darkness
    But darkness is a friend to you
    Embrace and fly through the madness

    'Cause yesterday don't mean shit
    What's over is over and nothing between
    Yesterday don't mean shit
    Because tomorrow is the day you'll have to face

    in Yesterday Don't Mean Shit

    I feel it in my bones when the storm is close
    Then await for the rain and the wind to blow
    As dark colors fill the sky, I'm drenched, I'm feeling so alive
    Eyes closed tight, my ears open for the boat

    in The Boat

    We chase misprinted lies
    We face the path of time
    And yet I fight
    And yet I fight
    This battle all alone
    No one to cry to
    No place to call home

    My gift of self is raped
    My privacy is raked
    And yet I find
    And yet I find
    Repeating in my head
    If I can't be my own
    I'd feel better dead

    in Nutshell

    Have you ever seen the rain? Comin’ down on a sunny day...

    in Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

    All I ever wanted
    All I ever needed
    Is here in my arms
    Words are very unnecessary
    They can only do harm

    in Enjoy the Silence

    Need a little understanding for all I've done
    In another situation, I don't belong, belong

    in Don't Belong

    The easy way to say o.k., twist your
    Knife a little deeper
    Words to sharp actions dark
    Hide the blade of the deceiver.

    Enforce the words no more, be free
    Alone you might just find serenity.

    To accept another day we choose
    To give away another piece of life
    To forgive is to suffer

    in To Forgive Is To Suffer

    All the girls, they go beep, beep, beep
    How can I love you when you're so cheap, yeah

    in Bring Her Down

    We are darker angels, black lighting in our heads
    We are far beyond the moment, too far to care

    Standing on the mountain, our backs against the world
    When we leave it all behind us, how our lives have turned

    in True Believers

    Daily jobs can be so boring
    Getting tired of working at night
    Never thought it would be easy
    Away from parents and home

    But something still makes her eyes
    Shine all night and day
    And we know there are not many
    Willing to follow their hearts

    in Sunglasses
  • Just some shirts

    6. Mär. 2014, 1:24

    ✄ Metallica, St. Anger
    ✄ Cannibal Corpse
    ✄ The Black Dahlia Murder
    ✄ Trivium, the Crusade
    ✄ Rob Zombie
    ✄ Black Bottle Riot
    ✄ Nirvana
    ✄ Pink Floyd
    ✄ Pantera (self made)
    ✄ Misfits, top
    ✄ Slipknot
    ✄ Rolling Stones
    ✄ Sonic Youth (self made)