Nisos Ensemble, Tschechische Republik gesehen: September 2011

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Über mich

Nisos(Nisos = Island) is quite a new band that consists of people with various backgrounds. The band was set up by the clarinetist and composer Nikos P. Koulouris and percussionist and kaval player Tomas Rossi who have long shared a deep interest in traditional music from Greece and Asia Minor. Later on more and more people were involved in their project and they eventually created a traditional ensemble. Nisos means island in Greek. The symbol of the island was chosen on purpose as there are no traces of this music in the Czech Republic. That is why the band feels somewhat isolated. Nisos represents a traditional way of the old Byzantine music that came from Asia Minor (Turkey) and Greek islands such as Crete. Their songs are deeply influenced by the traditional songs from various ethnic backgrounds (Turkish, Bulgarian, Greek, Jewish), mainly from the Byzantine era, some of which have been preserved in Greece. They make use of various colors and moods in music. The resulting combination creates a colorful atmosphere. As Nisos compose their own songs, they create original music and sound. The band consists of sensitive people who all together create nice melodies and meditative sound. In doing so they draw from old traditions, which gives their music a strong feeling of originality. Nisos uses a double bass which bridges the gap between Oriental and European music.

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