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Multi talented rapper, Nima better known as N.i.M.i was born in Iran in 1989. Nima wasn’t born in a musical family but from a very young age he was very energetic and was always listening to western hip hop music as well as middle-eastern music. In 2000 he started listening to Rap music and he found out that can be a rapper. He covered 2pac’s songs however he couldn’t understand a word of it, but he was so into that style.

Since that year he practiced rapping more and recording on the instrumental version of these songs on cassette tapes. In 2005 he recorded his first official song in a studio and released it on internet and streets. He recorded many songs since then, but many of them are unreleased because he sensed the weakness in his songs when he compared them with American rapper songs, till he explored a power in himself to show off his own genre and talent.

It is tough being a talented young artist and yet not receiving any support from your own country, Nima has always struggled in this matter; but he has always been a strong and true person, keeping it real and keep on moving forward.

Nima raps about crisis all over the world especially his own country Iran, politics, definition of victory, having a good life and etc.

His music has received many great responses from the people both in Iran and worldwide. Even the language he’s rapping is Persian and not English, they all like his songs and encourage him.

He always try to show the real Rap culture to his country cause many rappers in Iran do it in a wrong way.

Nima has already started to make a fan base for himself. His originality has brought a lot of attention in the industry. And now, Nima is in studio and recording his debut album. He also announced that he’s working with so many rappers and other artists all around the world.

His biggest goal is to introduce this genre to the worldwide someday and he’s sure that he would. Each and every person has the belief and faith that Nima will fulfill his destiny and become a successful global rapper.


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