JAMES M. POWERS, 51, Männlich, Vereinigte Staaten
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RushVital Signs (Live) 25. Okt. 2013
RushRed Barchetta 25. Okt. 2013
RushNew World Man 25. Okt. 2013
RushThe Analog Kid 25. Okt. 2013
RushThe Digital Man 25. Okt. 2013
RushHand Over Fist 25. Okt. 2013
RushScars 25. Okt. 2013
RushWar Paint 25. Okt. 2013
RushMarathon 25. Okt. 2013
RushThe Manhattan Project 25. Okt. 2013
RushLimelight 25. Okt. 2013
RushYYZ 25. Okt. 2013
RushGrand Designs 25. Okt. 2013
RushThe Body Electric 25. Okt. 2013
Fleetwood MacDust 25. Okt. 2013
Fleetwood MacSpare Me a Little of Your Love 25. Okt. 2013
Fleetwood MacDanny's Chant 25. Okt. 2013
Fleetwood MacBare Trees 25. Okt. 2013
Fleetwood MacSunny Side of Heaven 25. Okt. 2013
Fleetwood MacHomeward Bound 25. Okt. 2013
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Über mich

Hi, my name is James. I live in WA. state 40 miles north of Portland, OR. I have been a radio broadcaster since I was 17, and a record collector since I was 5. I have an amazing array of music that covers a tremendous amount of ground. I am super serving, instead of focusing on one genre. I like flow with my music. This includes old top 40 up 'til 86, blues, jazz, latin, classic rock (and lots of it), new wave, fusion jazz, heavy metal, thrash metal and more. I do not play country, opera, or classical. I'd love to have you give my station a listen, and then some feedback. It's always nice to hear from listeners! Cheers, JMP, all it takes is U to make it JUMP!

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