Future Islands @ The Haunt, Brighton on 9th March 2012


12. Mär. 2012, 20:48

Fri 9 Mar – Future Islands, Way Through, Cinemascopes

Future Islands @ The Haunt, Brighton on 9th March 2012

I only became aware of Future Islands at the end of 2011 having seen them play at the ATP, Nightmare Before Xmas event in December. They're a trio of a brilliant and understated bassist; a Chris Lowe-esque synth player; and crooning frontman Samuel T. Herring.

Samuel T. Herring makes me think of Jaz Coleman's younger, smaller, funkier brother. Same intensity, same passion, similar appearance - but Samuel is much more nimble on his feet.

He's a brilliant front man. Constantly moving. Very expressive and displaying an extraordinary range of emotions, with dramatic hand gestures, occasionally grinning like a madman, even slapping himself across the face now and then. There's no half measures with Samuel T. Herring - he gives every line of every song everything he's got.

He's also one of the best dancers I've ever seen. That alone would make Future Islands a compelling live experience however there's more. Future Islands trade in a wonderful brand of splendid synthpop that's chockablock with hooks and swelling melodies that generally seem to involve love, loss, yearning etc. It's a heady brew.

I caught the end of the final support act too. That's Hockeysmith. Not much in the way of tunes but still plenty to enjoy. Another trio who could well be onto something. I had the sense that they are still very much finding their feet but I hope to see them again soon.


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