Winds Of PlagueAnthems of Apocalypse Lieblingslied 3
SuffokateNot the Fallen Lieblingslied 3
As Blood Runs BlackHester Prynne Lieblingslied 2
CarnifexLie to My Face Lieblingslied 2
As I Lay DyingThe Sound Of Truth Lieblingslied 2
Disfiguring the GoddessSomnambulism Candlelight Lieblingslied 2
All Shall PerishStabbing to Purge Dissimulation Lieblingslied 2
WhitechapelOf Legions Lieblingslied 2
Molotov SolutionRule By Secrecy Lieblingslied 2
Molotov SolutionAtrum Inritus Lieblingslied 2
Chelsea GrinDesolation of Eden Lieblingslied 2
I Declare WarPutrification of the Population Lieblingslied 2
The Human AbstractHorizon To Zenith Lieblingslied 2
The Crimson ArmadaJuggernaut Lieblingslied 2
As Blood Runs BlackThe Beautiful Mistake Lieblingslied 1
Suicide SilenceNo Pity for a Coward Lieblingslied 1
WhitechapelThe Somatic Defilement Lieblingslied 1
All Shall PerishAwaken the Dreamers Lieblingslied 1
WhitechapelFather Of Lies Lieblingslied 1
Chelsea GrinRecreant Lieblingslied 1
August Burns RedWhite Washed Lieblingslied 1
Chelsea GrinCast from Perfection Lieblingslied 1
The Ghost InsideBetween The Lines Lieblingslied 1
CatalepsyCthnonian Lieblingslied 1
Betraying The MartyrsBecause Of You Lieblingslied 1
Molotov SolutionInjustice for All Lieblingslied 1
Molotov SolutionThe Blood of Tyrants Lieblingslied 1