• M83 with LA Philharmonic review

    8. Mär. 2009, 23:07

    Sat 7 Mar – M83 with The Los Angeles Philharmonic

    nteresting show. I liked the opening set as it focused on the old stuff. I really liked the Part piece (very M83 style). La Mer was good showcase piece for LAPhil but not my favorite classical. M83 with orchestra didn't quite pull it off. One problem was acoustics. You can't have a drummer wailing away in the WDCH...too boomy. They tried to put him behind glass,have him play lightly but it just took the intensity away. The arrangements were okay but M83 just ended up making the funny electronic sounds mostly. On 2nd/3rd song couldn't tell if orchestra was off beat on purpose. Hard to replicate that M83 intensity with an orchestra because the WDCH doesn't do loud well. It does quiet well but then you have to deal with coughing and cell phones. Overall, it was nice but not successful.

    There was an old guy in my section who after M83's set finished yelled out quite loudly "Now let's hear some real music!" or something to that affect. You sir, were an ass!
  • Best use of the word "Moot" in a pop song.

    10. Sep. 2008, 23:57