• Last Music entry for 2007

    23. Dez. 2007, 13:55

    In Nothing We Trust

    One of my favourite underrated Bands, Reuben, can still do their thing: rock out. Highly recommended as well as all their previous material

    Can't Stop Singing
    Itunes Gem
    Small music. No wait, not "small"-small. Small in a way that makes me think about a small cardboard house all stuffed inside with apricot-coloured fluff that i want to cuddle in and continue listening to that album, sorta.
    Neat arrangements, electronic touches and just simple, pretty, music.

    Another Gem found through iTunes Store
    The singer's voice gave me a shiver. I knew that there was something. These guys sound so british, yet they're from Ohio! Rainy music for a sunny day, or maybe the other way around.

    5. Dez. 2007, 10:11

  • Album of the Month

    25. Jul. 2007, 10:03


    What a surprise. It's Rock. It rocks. They're back. I don't think i've been listening to any of their albums that much in such a short time.
  • ::: Stones in Veins pt.2 :::

    13. Mär. 2007, 12:03

    Are you there?
    I am. I wasn't lying when i said i would, constantly.
    Yes, i know the ridiculous oxymoron in that.
    Chances come and chances leave you
    Stranded on the beaten path
    I'm not looking for what's to good to be true.
    I'd sure love to see you laugh...
    If we could share it...i wish we could.
    I still do.
    But i'm kinda out of courage.
    Maybe it's better this way? I don't know.

    Supersonic Speed

    Nothing 'deep',
    Easy Radiofriendly Rock.
    Singer is like Guano Apes.


    Their "the 3rd Album", recommended as their previous 2 Albums.
  • German mid-entry / Deutschel Mittel-eintrag

    12. Feb. 2007, 23:28

    Altes Gasthaus Love

    I have been digging for "good" german music, as far as i may even use that term without making a complete fool out of myself... I was pretty disappointed, finding either music that was very well produced but the content was boring me out after a while, or the content was just too...annoying.

    And then i found something new.
    The Name itself sounded so plain weird and stupid ("earth furniture") that i had to listen to the songs.
    I was hooked immediatly.
    Erdmöbel are one of the few bands in germany who make genuine stuff. Simple but complicated music. Happy music that makes me sad. Sadness that makes me happy.
    And even though i'm not a lyrics person whatsoever, the lyrics are...bliss.

    Mittelpunkt der Welt

    Love their stuff since i got hooked to "Romantik". They do kinda repeat the folk Vibe a bit too much but couldn't get on my nerves yet. Quality stuff, and the lyrics are just too smart.


    What can be said? Germany's No.1 Hip-Hop Band. And what a comeback. Holy Moly.
  • ::: Stones in Veins pt.1 :::

    26. Dez. 2006, 12:35

    It's been months (half a year, tbme) since i've written my last recommendation entry here.
    In the last months i've been listening to little music compared to older times. I also haven't been seriously listening to anything old, barely been able to.
    But there were a few newer albums (new for me, that is) that i managed to learn and like, mostly.

    small comments to every album - in progress



    "The Dead Eye"
    The Haunted

    I still don't get along good enough with older Haunted Material, but their latest Album got quite versatile and more melodic. I connected to it very fast, especially thanks to the elevator smash hit "the flood".


    I've known Orphanage since and from their first Album "Oblivion" - released around 1995. I was 15 then. The Band's direction was a mixture between metal and gothic arrangments with female and male clean vocals. And most of all - high niveau and very good sound.
    This last Album (literally, they split after that one) doesn't change the band's direction nor does fall from the high niveau at all. It only marks the band being much more mature, and quite a shame that they've broken up.

    p.s: quite a few meshuggah-influenced syncopated riffs there.



    "Falling Between The Lines"
    Falling In Between

    Charlotte Martin
  • Ein paar Empfehlungen für April/Mai

    18. Mai. 2006, 8:25

    Well, well...we left April off...and now there's lots of new stuff.

    Ogre Tones
    Solid Rock, solid sound. Reminds me a bit of Living colour (hmm...must be the singer ;)) Also, must be one of their more laid-back albums, if i'm not mistaken.

    Beautiful electro-experimental-fusion.
    The latter Album is a little bit lighter, still i highly recommend them both. "Timeloss" is very moody and has a beatiful atmosphere. And the song "Quits" with its slight dn'b ambience - powerful!

    soothing exp. indie mellow rock...stuff? highly recommended.

    Out Of Myself Slightly prog rock/metal. I thought i had no patience anymore for stuff like that... apparently i do.
  • ill recommendio - march recommendations Pt. I

    8. Mär. 2006, 14:51

    Temple of Shadows - Power Metal... Even though i'm not a big fan of the genre, the production on the album is really great and some songs have really great structures and nuances. Power to Metal!

    Relatively new Band. Angry but Radio-friendly female-voice(d) Rock. Solid stuff.

    Together We're Heavy - Go hug a tree? - I sure will, after listening to this album for a week it has grown on me so well that i'm hugging trees on daily basis now. Good-minded warm attitude combined with a semi-orchestral setup - this album is RICHNESS for my ears. One of my favourite tracks: "suitcase calling".
    And while you're not convinced yet, go play a quest for the rest, with background music from the album.
  • Recommendazzione for februari part II.

    19. Feb. 2006, 1:43

    Rock that rocks, earthy production and sometimes a quite dry crackers -kinda production, but you'll get used to it if you'll have a glass of water.

    And the Glass Handed Kites
    surreal, subversive, psychodelic danish electrorock-popness, feature a few nifty seemless tracks, even. ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ALBUMS LATELY!

    Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
    New York post-post rock wave gospel dub brit shit (they're american). Reminded me at times of...the hyper-prog turbo version of Franz Ferdinand meets Mars Volta (Franz Volta, for short)
  • Recommendations for february

    9. Feb. 2006, 8:29

    Dancing Echoes/Dead Sounds - Anberlin's slower version? Great stuff.
    The Velvet Hour - soothing vocals & atmosphere. Highly recommended.
    Quiet Is the New Loud - At the end of the day..that's what i need.