The infamous First/Fell in love/Current Favorite meme.


24. Mai. 2007, 11:02

Found at sofiasniper

1 Placebo
First: Every You Every Me
Fell in love: Special K
Current favorite: Without You I'm Nothing

2 Mansfield.TYA
First: Pour oublier je dors
Fell in love: Pour oublier je dors (Love at first sight! :P)
Current favorite: Tes faiblesses

3 Evanescence
First: Bring Me to Life
Fell in love: Tourniquet
Current favorite: Understanding

4 Scout
First: All I Want Is You
Fell in love: Clutch
Current favorite: Clutch

5 Björk
First: Bachelorette
Fell in love: Joga
Current favorite: Venus as a Boy

6 Saez
First: Jeune et con
Fell in love: Fils de France
Current favorite: La Chute

7 Noir Désir
First: Un Jour En France
Fell in love: Les écorchés
Current favorite: A La Longue

8 Mano Solo
First: barbes-Clichy
Fell in love: Toujours quand tu dors
Current favorite: Allez viens

9 Michael Nyman
First: Debbie
Fell in love: The Heart Asks Pleasure First
Current favorite: The Heart Asks Pleasure First - The Promise

10 Sexy Sushi
First: T'enflamme Pas Pétasse
Fell in love: T'enflamme pas pétasse
Current favorite: As I lay dead


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