• Another year

    10. Nov. 2013, 0:15

    And I haven't been able to "capitalize" my listening history. What about you?
  • 2012 Journal

    13. Sep. 2012, 11:20

    And my main source of music entertainment is Grooveshark. Slowly fading in favor to for its trending feature.

    Is there any visualisation site to look at music playing stat compare to other in a interesting manner?
  • KPOP fever

    11. Apr. 2011, 5:04

    KPOP is the new JPOP, even in Japan itself. Indonesian also into KPOP at the moment. Me? I'll take T-ARA.

    Been loving K-On. It's soundtrack are nice to listen. Loves the endings in particular. Apparently Yoko Hikasa is also a good singer aside from a great seiyuu.
  • Back to Supernova

    6. Sep. 2006, 17:00

    Long time no see. Today I watch Supernova again. Though it's a late night re-run, it's quite fun. And again I missed Dilana's performance. Darn.

    So far as I can see, Dilana seems to be least favorite of everybody. I dunno wh, maybe because she didn't give enough variative performance. Her voice is darn good, but sometimes it goes on like that without any variation.

    Lukas' stripped Livin' on a Prayer was awesome, but his original was not good enough. Compared to Storm, yeah baby, triple X Large Storm (as Tommy Lee said); Storm original was pretty cool. But this was beaten by Toby's original. His O o o o o really catch the audience. I love his song.

    And taht's it, my take for this evening Supernova :p
  • Supernova

    20. Jul. 2006, 13:43

    I've been watching this show for about twice. Now I know how those Indonesian and American Idols' fanboy felt when watching such * star show :p

    So far it's quite great since what they all have sang is rock song not those boring songs you see on other Idols show :p. Uh oh, and I was socked: WTF, is that really Jason Newstead (formerly bassist of Metallica)? Have he been using drugs or something? What has made him so skinny?!

    I've only seen some rocker performance on Supernova. So far, obviously Dilana is my fave. Yeah baby, gothic female rocker rulez!! Her performance yesterday definitely has caught my heart. Soooo ... I don't know how to say it. Soo gothic? :D. And her improvisation is just awesome! I love how she played with her vocal amplitude. Dilana, you're my gothic queen!!

    Uh oh, Josh performance this nite is also awesome. He sang Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana) which apparently save him from being sent home. Way to go dude!
  • Devoted

    19. Jul. 2006, 10:26

    I'm set, now I'm gonna write every music related material here, instead of my own blog. Okay I lied, that'd be hard to achieve. Let's just flow and write more into music here.

    So, let's start with my musical taste. I definitely into , , and also . I'm no die hard fan of any artist, but I have some favorite artist. To name a few, Utada Hikaru, ayumi hamasaki, and lately I've been into Koda Kumi as well. Gothic? May not a gothical as you've thought :p, I love Octavia Sperati. My friend told me it's abit like Evanescence. I don't know, I think they have a quite different style. But, I have to admit that their vocal is indeed relatively close. Now, rock. What's rock :D? Okay, you can found out my definition of "rock" after I mention some of my favorite artist. They'll be Metallica, Korn, Disturbed, and Slipknot. There're still others but these are my favorites.

    Okay, enough for this day. Let's talk about music later. Got Zaku to build :)