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Ambulance LtdThe Ocean Lieblingslied Gestern um 03:33
Ambulance LtdThe Ocean Lieblingslied Gestern um 03:25
Ambulance LtdYoung Urban Lieblingslied Gestern um 03:20
Ambulance LtdSwim Lieblingslied Gestern um 03:16
Ambulance LtdStay Tuned Lieblingslied Gestern um 03:13
Ambulance LtdMichigan Lieblingslied Gestern um 03:08
Ambulance LtdSugar Pill Lieblingslied Gestern um 03:03
Ambulance LtdStay Where You Are Lieblingslied Gestern um 02:58
Ambulance LtdOphelia Lieblingslied Gestern um 02:54
Ambulance LtdHeavy Lifting Lieblingslied Gestern um 02:50
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  • VigintiTres

    Glad you liked it! ☺

    24. Aug., 22:31 Antworten
  • burn_thewitch

    Thank you!

    11. Aug., 19:45 Antworten
  • Lidiss1995

    Interpol? Well do not know but as always I'm looking for new artists could be my next discovery :) And what is your gender? Rock?

    1. Aug., 18:47 Antworten
  • june_st

    stranger?! are you kiddin' me?:)

    30. Jul., 21:22 Antworten
  • june_st


    30. Jul., 21:08 Antworten
  • TylerSymes

    22. Jul., 8:19 Antworten
  • VigintiTres

    I highly recommend Permanent Waves then. In particular Jacob's Ladder and Natural Science. :-)

    4. Jul., 9:50 Antworten
  • Lidiss1995

    Hello! Thanks for the friend request. I accept, of course. Very good music collection *.* Hugs.

    29. Jun., 14:11 Antworten
  • VigintiTres

    Tough question. It changes regularly but I always go back to Permanent Waves. What about you?

    28. Mai., 11:12 Antworten
  • nergoza

    thank you, I'm kinda addicted to the bass line.

    27. Mai., 12:55 Antworten
  • earthcrossing

    I know a little bit of MBV - but definitely need to explore their repertoire more :)

    20. Mai., 1:32 Antworten
  • earthcrossing

    some of my fave songs of theirs are the 'old school' pre-Gish songs. They're worth a listen! lots of them are on the Reel Time Sessions, and then there's songs like "Psychodelic" which I love as well :) I've seen them 3 times I think now, or maybe 4. I saw them first only in 2007, when I was travelling in the US and managed to get to their shows in Tucson and San Diego. Then I saw them here in Perth at a festival, and went to their own show later. Actually I've seen them 5 times 'cause I also saw them on the Oceania tour. ;) Making up for all that lost time not seeing them pre-2007!

    12. Mai., 3:19 Antworten
  • earthcrossing

    They certainly do make up the vast majority of my scrobbles. :) It has a lot to do with how huge their catalogue of work is - including all the rarities, b-sides, live stuff, etc.. There's just so much to listen to, a lot of it from even before their first album came out!

    12. Mai., 3:08 Antworten
  • kurtnirvanakris

    thanks and great taste.

    1. Mai., 18:52 Antworten
  • theorly64

    No problem! Superb tastes as well.

    22. Apr., 9:53 Antworten
  • pogoshrooms

    Thanks! And thanks for the request. I guess now would be a bad time to say I'm moving to London in September ;)

    10. Mär., 1:01 Antworten
  • makeanotherworl

    hey thanks for the friend request :)

    17. Jan., 14:23 Antworten
  • Grimmoire

    On :D It's Iggy and James Williamson and... well, I'd like to know too.

    29. Dez. 2013 Antworten
  • brokenheadband

    That's awesome! I liked the others too, but never as much as TLM. I wish the 2013 theatrical release hadn't been cancelled. :( It was going to come out in November, my birth month and I would've gone and treated myself to my favorite movie on the big screen! But no, sigh.

    3. Sep. 2013 Antworten
  • brokenheadband

    oh thanks! it was my favorite movie as a kid and still is one of my favorites, best soundtrack of all the disney movies too if you ask me

    1. Sep. 2013 Antworten
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