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Über mich

i ♥ my friends
i ♥ music
i ♥ chocolate
i ♥ tokio htel
i ♥ rain storms
i ♥ stars ...

judged to many strange crazy to me a freak >_<.. but if you know me well you'll love LIE
but let me believe it is a matter of self-esteem .. XD
I really like the anime: inuyhasa, naruto, final fantasy
I also like dark things ♥ everything about angels, demons, vampires in aww
♥ my addiction I love watching horror movies and if they are even more .. I bloody love the night, the stars,
the moon, thunderstorms, rain ... tambiien I like animals (I'm finding the animal abuse) wolves
cats dogs horses ...
my crush
Hayley Williams ♥
Bill Kaulitz ♥
tom kaulitz ♥
andy sixx ♥
Victoria Frances ♥ I love your photographs

♥ sponge bod

people hate hypocrites and liars ...
ii hate tukkis Llosa if you're one to talk or think or add me
sometimes I tend to be hateful. but that's normal is my XD
A person who pisses me off or try to exclude badly .... so gya bisexul ere k if one of them Fuck
bad joke. only sometimes
m angry x cualkier sheath

Nickname: dakota, narkotika, vampire or something cuhii
stylo: pss much say emo.punk goth rocker ment I say ONLY ♥
the car of my floor: a camaro ♥
my dream boy
...... aww pss original supeer ln gives a shit what anyone says, loving, daring, k likes the
skateboarding and soccer, k has a beautiful smile, but muchooo stylo cooon ,..... muchoo super k likes the atretic
rock ♥



I love bill

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