Nothing I can do


4. Feb. 2009, 0:06

To set it off, basiccally it is only the instrumental part that comes to my mind and that I like.

Just Ironic

Sometimes when thinking about women I am glad that I keep my feelings to myself. On other times it is good that I rather say I am enchanted not in love.

Love is somehting more than a pretty face and a fassade and means knowing somebody.

The Passenger

It`s rather funny to see one of them trying to ignore me.
Funny how turning your back on somebody can be a sign of vulnerability and rejection at the same time.
If you try to ignore someone it only seems awkward and won´t change anything.

I was given a boundary that is not one for me to cross but one to let somebody else cross, if ever crossed at all.

I have spoken them.
They are gone
Nobody has listened to them. That`s why they don`t exist anymore.
If they don´t exist, somebody else can say them and maybe they will then be heard.

All I Need


I am a man on a glacier, what you see is not all that you might get.

Please don`t ask my just what I think, trust me you don´t wanna know.
Morning Glory
Talk Tonight
Everybody`s Stalking

it is not like that, well aspects of it but that is not the whole picture.

I always drown myself in music and live on, feeding my inner demons and angels with lyrical and harmonical food until they receive better treatments.

Shadow of Doubt

strings put me to sleep

horns will wake me up and the sun won`t shine because the days are grey.

better get some work done and some plans fulfilled and never anyhitng said about the inside.
being alone in such poor company is not always bad.

being in outsider gives one a unique perspective.

I Am


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