How Old Were You When You Fully Realized You Were an Aaliyah Fan?


3. Mai. 2012, 4:01

I knew of Aaliyah when she was alive but I was still a young girl so mainstream music wasn't really my interest I was too busy watching Blue's Clues and The Powerpuff Girls LOL But when Aaliyah started doing soundtracks for kids movies like Dr Doolittle and Anastasia I realized who she was but I wasn't a fan because I was really young.In the year of 2005 or 2006 I research Aaliyah's biography and searched for fan pages on Myspace I learned more knowledge about who she was and her life and I saw who I was at the time and who I wanted to be in life as I got older and I became an INSTANT FAN!I found out about her long before I discovered her music,but when I did discover her music I went bonkers lol Not only did she have the style,personality,and charisma but Aaliyah made hot music too!I was 13 when I fully became a fan! Aaliyah


  • GemDavis

    Ive been a really big fan for many years now. Aaliyah is my favourite artist of all time. theres something so special and different about her music.

    11. Okt. 2012, 10:33
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