People are delusional and obsessed for liking Aaliyah?


6. Feb. 2012, 22:51

Whenever I tell people that I love Aaliyah I always get little remarks like "Why do you like Aaliyah she's been gone for a decade" and I always hear and see people making jokes about Drake being obsessed,but just recently a song leaked by Nicki Minaj and she was singing about Marilyn Monroe and no one called her delusional and crazy and I just don't get it!God puts people on this Earth for a reason and just because they are taken away from us we aren't supposed to appreciate them and be inspired by them because they are deceased?Aaliyah accomplished quite a bit in her 7 year career and the fact that she maintained her morals and self respect is very inspirational to me and that's one of the many things about her that made me become a fan.If that makes me "delusional", "obsessed",and "crazy" then so be it because Aaliyah has definitely inspired me and she is my idol and that won't ever change regardless of what other say *shrugs*Aaliyah
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