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for all the news on Sick Kids scope out

Weerd Science -
Weerd Science is the heart and soul of Joshua Eric Eppard. Often mislabeled as, "," Weerd Science is difficult to categorize. Josh crafts his own beats with Wavis (and sometimes CJB or Dirty Ern). The first album (Friends And Nervous Breakdowns) is a compilation of older tracks. The second album, Sick Kids, will be released this winter and features live instruments, many of which were performed by Josh himself, Wavis and CJB. Joey Eppard, stand up bassist Matt Goldpaugh (Matty The Knife), Clip Payne (P-Funk), Adam Wirnoff (Lenny Kravitz, Stoney Clove Lane, Mechanical Bull, Mercury Rev), Majestic, Anni Krueger, Gangstroph The Baptist are featured on SiKi.

3 -
3 was originally formed in 1992/3 as Joey Eppard on guitar, Chris (CJB) Bittner on bass and Josh Eppard on drums. Josh picked up the drums specifically for this band and stayed with them until about 1999. In 1997 they were signed to Universal Records, but then subsequently dropped due to the Universal/Polygram merger. Josh did some studio work and eventually joined Shabutie in 2001. Shabutie became Coheed and Cambria, where he remained until 2006. Josh now puts all his effort into his heart: Weerd Science. CJB remained with 3 until 2001 and became a producer at the infamous Applehead Studio in Woodstock, NY (Coheed and Cambria, Anadivine, Codeseven, The Sleeping, Straylight Run, John Mayer, Tony Levin, Bad Brains are among the endless albums with CJB's imprint). Joey Eppard is still with 3. Their music incorporates many genres and cannot be explained verbally. You've gotta hear it for yourself to understand.

Joey Eppard -
Joey Eppard is a very diverse musician with a distinctive vocal and guitar sound. His style of playing has been referred to as a hybrid of and fingerpicking, but Joey's just Joey. His band is and always has been 3 and he involves himself in many other projects- including several with P-Funk members (Drugs, 420 Funk Mob, Cacophonic fm). He's , , and .

Mours -
Mours is Josh Eppard's developing rock band. It's core members are Josh, Dave "Wavis" Parker and Ant "Session 606" Masington. Together they are Mours. They have an album in the works, but currently have shared only two rough tracks.

Session 606 -
Session 606 is a full band project consisting of one young man, Anthony Masington (Mours). The album is a work in progress, however, he has shared several demos and occasionally opens for Weerd Science, . Ant Masington also plays in Weerd Science's shows.
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