[event=1886308]Wed 22 Jun – Sade w/ John Legend[/event]


23. Jun. 2011, 8:28

Very strange set of events - I called Verizon center @ last minute & was informed that tickets were available but not over the phone. I bolted to D.C. arrived late, it was sold out... (didn't have $300 cash for scalper) .... Amazingly, got fantastic seats to a sold out show - FOR FREE - I still don't understand that... The concert was fantastic! the glitter @ by your side was cool and so was the strobe light & lighting. I especially liked the fabric that lowered & draped the stage with New York Architecture superimposed. Last song "Cherish The Day".. - Excellent! as were all the songs... obviously.
SADE - incredibly consistent...!
Dinner & clyde's afterwards was excellent.. The oysters, shrimp, cold lobster, burger, crab & salmon soup were excellent, creme brulee, and orange pound cake was awesome (it's fried in honey & served with oarnge glaze and whip creme. you can email for the recipe (I highly recommend this restaurant)
WOW! what a incredible evening...... nothing short of a small miracle.


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