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FloetrySay Yes Lieblingslied 27. Apr., 18:05
Janet JacksonThat's the Way Love Goes 27. Apr., 18:01
Al GreenHow Can You Mend A Broken Heart? Lieblingslied 27. Apr., 17:54
Fertile GroundSimple Timeless 27. Apr., 17:50
Barry WhiteYou're the First, the Last, My Everything 27. Apr., 17:47
Ke$haTiK ToK 27. Apr., 17:43
Corinne Bailey RaeLike a Star Lieblingslied 27. Apr., 17:39
All SaintsNever Ever Lieblingslied 27. Apr., 17:33
Anthony DavidSomething About You Lieblingslied 27. Apr., 17:28
Ingrid MichaelsonThe Way I Am Lieblingslied 10. Apr., 19:12
MadconBeggin Lieblingslied 3. Mär., 20:41
Norah JonesDon't Know Why Lieblingslied 3. Mär., 20:38
Eliza DoolittleGo Home 3. Mär., 20:35
Toni BraxtonI Wanna Be (Your Baby) 3. Mär., 20:31
JLSShe Makes Me Wanna 3. Mär., 20:27
GusGusPolyesterday 3. Mär., 20:22
All SaintsNever Ever Lieblingslied 3. Mär., 20:16
Angie StoneVisions 3. Mär., 20:12
Ingrid MichaelsonKeep Warm 3. Mär., 20:09
The Button Down BrassSomethin' Stupid 3. Mär., 20:06
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  • mirijoijo

    Hi ...!, Colin, is a great pleasure to have your friendship, Your only recently begun and you've already got an excellent list of music, too many artists we have in common.! Excuse my English is not very good, and my words are jumbled.!. I hope to share with you a lot of music ...!!!. This deserves a big welcome...!!!. :)

    14. Aug. 2008 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, nathkrul! Happy listening.

    20. Jul. 2008 Antworten

Über mich

Hi ppl, I listen to most of my music on my Squeezbox, I like Soul, R&B, PoP, and anything that sounds nice and you can sing a long to.
My Avitar is a cover from a book I read when I was about 7, it stuck in my head all this time :) the main characters name was Nathkrul as you might have guessed.

I'll add something else soon lol.

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