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3. Mai. 2008, 13:25

nate32x love the Mr. T rocky iii samples in One Be Lo's "Smash" about 12 hours ago from web

nate32x i'm here like air 'til i'm beer on the curb 05:45 PM May 01, 2008 from txt [ Touch the Sky ]

nate32x "Its the e-m-cease-a-leos / Ya'll gon' smell defeat like cheese doritos" - Masta Ace (eMC's "Leak It Out") 03:42 PM April 28, 2008 from web

nate32x in my office jammin' to hold music on a conference call where the "leader has not yet arrived" ... i call early just to hear this 02:02 PM April 15, 2008 from web

nate32x workin' through my years long ultimate music rating project 01:43 PM March 27, 2008 from web

nate32x wait a minute, was i humming Lord of the Rings music earlier, not real sports? 11:29 PM March 25, 2008 from web

nate32x just found myself inexplicably humming and whistling the theme to hbo's 'real sports' ... actually i now realize it is a pretty awesome song 10:29 AM March 25, 2008 from web

nate32x also feeling Gnarls Barkley's 'Surprise' 11:39 PM March 23, 2008 from web

nate32x deciding which new Gnarls Barkley tracks are my favorites... definitely loving 'Blind Mary' out of the gate 11:32 PM March 23, 2008 from web

nate32x buying Gnarls Barkley's new album 11:22 PM March 18, 2008 from web [ Who's Gonna Save My Soul ]

nate32x got a one track mind going off the rail 03:56 PM March 18, 2008 from web [ Bang for the Buck ]

nate32x in a restaurant listening to the cheesiest muzak version i could possibly imagine of U2's 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' 01:36 PM March 18, 2008 from txt

nate32x i pretty much love any hip hop song that samples old school video games... preferably 80s arcade like robotron or 8-bit nintendo 01:55 AM March 16, 2008 from web [ 2 Brothers From The Gutter ]

nate32x JJ Brown's mash up of Gym Class Heroes with Hall & Oates is cool but not as mind-blowing as i had hoped 12:02 PM March 13, 2008 from web [ 7 Week Turnaround ]

nate32x The Fader 51 mix is really good, worth several replays 12:04 AM March 13, 2008 from web [ The FADER Number 51 January/February 2008 ]

nate32x Everyone Deserves Music 09:58 AM March 11, 2008 from web

nate32x helping my son with his air guitar technique this morning 09:07 AM March 04, 2008 from txt

nate32x my true reality show guilty pleasure right now is mtb4... can you manufacture the creative process? 10:46 PM February 25, 2008 from txt [ Exclusive ]

nate32x flavor of love 3 is worse than pointless... except on some meta level that i haven't worked out yet, that probably doesn't exist 10:01 PM February 25, 2008 from txt [ Flavor Flav ]

nate32x if you ever see the zagat food critic who just appeared on flavor of love in your restaurant, serve him hennessy 09:55 PM February 25, 2008 from txt

nate32x "it's drivin' me crazy, but i can walk from here" -Nine (circa 1995) 12:35 AM February 25, 2008 from web [ Redrum ]

nate32x "my momma always told me 'my baby's a genius!'" - 04:06 PM February 21, 2008 from web [ My Style ]

nate32x writing in my book of rhymes, all the WORDS past the margin 07:12 PM February 20, 2008 from web [ The World Is Yours ]

nate32x writing in my book of rhymes, all the way past the margin 01:33 AM February 19, 2008 from web

nate32x scrolling off the page 01:10 AM February 19, 2008 from web [ Factotum ]

nate32x listening to a bunch of tracks from indiefeed hip hop -- one of my favorite podcasts 12:05 AM February 19, 2008 from web [ Ms. January ]

nate32x "Listen, I'm the nicest in here / I don't even write rhymes, words assemble themselves out of fear" -Chaundon 09:17 PM February 16, 2008 from web [ The Greatest Warrior ]

nate32x listening to Common's "Southside" and just caught this quote for the 1st time... "know when to use a bible and when to use a rifle"... wow 02:03 PM February 16, 2008 from web

nate32x good night for pianos at the grammys 12:42 AM February 11, 2008 from web [ Alicia Keys ]

nate32x whenever i listen to "my recommendations" on, they are recommending i listen to tons of dutch hip hop 01:32 PM January 23, 2008 from web

nate32x i'm not thrilled about the prospect of scrobbling Nas' new album if i get it 02:24 PM January 12, 2008 from web

nate32x "i'm howard stern meets howard zinn" -Brother Ali 12:19 AM January 10, 2008 from web [ Lookin' At Me Sideways ]

nate32x "those who build walls are pretendin' that forever they can defend them" -Michael Franti 12:05 AM January 10, 2008 from web [ Time to Go Home ]

nate32x Blue Scholars are my greatest group of the moment 10:29 PM January 02, 2008 from web [ Commencement Day ]

nate32x just won the singstar championship by 10 points on 'I Will Survive' 01:34 AM December 29, 2007 from txt

nate32x Alicia Keys' "Sure Looks Good to Me" should be blowin' up rock/pop radio 10:13 AM December 22, 2007 from txt

nate32x "Things I Dream" and "Valley of Death" may be overtaking "Mexico" as my favorite song from CunninLynguists' "Dirty Acres" - love this album! 10:57 AM December 19, 2007 from web

nate32x really feeling nearly every song i hear by the Blue Scholars 04:06 PM December 16, 2007 from web [ Cornerstone ]

nate32x CunninLynguists' new album is amazing! maybe i'll buy copies for all my friends and family 12:23 PM December 12, 2007 from web [ K.K.K.Y., Georgia ]

nate32x really feeling The Smile Rays' new album 12:12 AM December 11, 2007 from web [ The Funk Is Back, By Design Three, Chicken ]

nate32x i wish "Run's House" wasn't on tv yet i could still watch it 10:18 PM December 06, 2007 from web [ Rev Run ]

nate32x somehow i find myself taking the time to debunk terrible rumors about nelson mandela deep within community discussion... 01:23 AM December 06, 2007 from web

nate32x the free Kanye West mix tape "The Graduate" is nice ... google it or check 04:25 PM November 28, 2007 from web [ Get 'Em High (A-Trak Remix) ]

nate32x cute episode of run's house... run's kids are so embarassed by him on the turntables in front of their friends, but then he moves the crowd 09:33 AM November 16, 2007 from web [ The Breaks ]

nate32x 'Good Clothes' by Little Brother is the first song i'm really feeling out the box on 'Getback'... maybe its the south square references 12:09 AM November 16, 2007 from web

nate32x for the first time i feel drawn to tmz to read up to the minute destruction of dr. jan adams... man, what really happened with that surgery? 04:28 PM November 13, 2007 from web [ Hey Mama ]

nate32x working and listening to some tunes 10:51 AM November 13, 2007 from web [ Workinonit ]

nate32x chillin' like gilligan... out on an island 10:50 AM November 13, 2007 from web [ The Cactus ]

nate32x i've discovered the video game music community online! can't get enough of the ninja warriors soundtrack 02:17 PM November 12, 2007 from web [ Daddy Mulk ]

nate32x i'm feeling instrumental music lately... DJ Stix and Billy Martin, plus J Dilla, Bronze Nazareth, & 9th Wonder tracks, + MixMaster Mike always in rotation 05:09 PM October 29, 2007 from web [ Everything, Sun Flower ]

nate32x finally listened to Lily Allen's album... its good but she's too mean! 11:54 AM October 21, 2007 from txt [ LDN ]

nate32x still lovin' 9th Wonder's beats... since he's not w/ LB i'll have to check the "solo" producer joint feat. several Justus League emcees i dig 09:36 AM October 12, 2007 from web [ Revolutionary Warfare (9th Wonder Remix Instrumental) ]

nate32x "crazy kids in generation wrecked / dissin' pyramids while praisin' projects" - Chuck D 08:58 PM October 05, 2007 from web [ I ]

nate32x the new Time Machine live album is fantastic... saw them perform on the People Under the Stairs "Stepfather" tour... essence of hip hop music and performance 01:20 PM October 05, 2007 from web [ The Way Things Are (Live) ]

nate32x rock shockin' the house 05:28 PM October 04, 2007 from txt [ Whatcha Got]

nate32x the boundaries of my brain are a little more mushy after listening to this 3-disc matador records compliation 03:23 PM October 04, 2007 from web [ Everything Is Nice: The Matador Records 10th Anniversary Anthology, X-Factor ]

nate32x finally checked out Pharoahe Monch's "Desire" today... pretty hot album! 05:34 PM September 27, 2007 from web [ Welcome To The Terrordome ]

nate32x i'm the cow's milk... i'm the bees knees 09:17 PM September 24, 2007 from txt [ Life of the Party (Remix) ]

nate32x robotron - the best video game sound efx ever 09:05 PM September 21, 2007 from web [ Unidentifried, Juice N' Dranks ]

nate32x wondering about the latest on Guilty Simpson, who was blazing the hip hop scene for a while... looks like his album might come out this year 11:42 AM September 21, 2007 from web [ Jungle Love ]

nate32x Kanye West's pseudo-clever punchlines are questionable, but i get addicted to the beats and overall sound 10:39 PM September 18, 2007 from web [ Late ]

nate32x wow, the new Public Enemy album is hot! take 'em to school. 05:23 PM September 14, 2007 from web [ See Something, Say Something, Black Is Back, Can You Hear Me Now

nate32x watching vma rerun... is it me or did Dr. Dre's head have a barry bonds-like "growing hat size" look to it 11:50 PM September 11, 2007 from txt [ Barry Bonds ]

nate32x heard Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys... thought of my 5th grade classmate shannon innocently (?) singing that alcoholic song on the playground 05:15 PM August 13, 2007 from web

nate32x i'm the Life Of The Party 10:42 PM August 10, 2007 from web

nate32x doing a George Carlin marathon on my ipod today 11:54 PM August 09, 2007 from web [ Have a Nice Day, New News ]

nate32x browsing my charts 09:54 PM August 06, 2007 from web [ St. Elsewhere ]

nate32x riding and listening to wpfw 09:00 AM August 06, 2007 from txt

nate32x chuckling at louis logic's crass playground-style diss on a song--"you suck a sweaty old pair of blue-balled nuts"... he's a lyrical miracle 12:49 PM August 03, 2007 from web [ Rule By A Fool ]

nate32x what i must admit is my favorite hobby... perfecting my digital music tags and organization 12:32 AM August 02, 2007 from web [ The Dig ]

nate32x drinking that New World Water 09:12 AM August 01, 2007 from web

nate32x i never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death 11:30 PM July 31, 2007 from web [ N.Y. State of Mind ]

nate32x rollin' hard and knocking peons out the box 03:36 PM July 31, 2007 from txt [ Flavor Of The Month ]

nate32x here i go, hot cake dough 08:07 PM July 30, 2007 from web [ Cornbread ]

nate32x Back To The Grill Again 02:19 PM July 30, 2007 from web

nate32x really feeling X-Clan's latest album 09:18 AM July 17, 2007 from web

nate32x based on the nod from my boy jklp and a deep discount on the iTunes Music Store, I'm giving Consequence's album a try 02:47 PM July 09, 2007 from web [ Don't Forget Em, Who Knew My Luck Would Change ]

nate32x listening to PotterCast, Breakdown FM w/ Davey D, and Addicted to Race 04:06 PM July 04, 2007 from txt

nate32x finally finished backing up itunes collection on 22 dvds 12:06 AM June 27, 2007 from web

nate32x 30's the new 20, i'm so hot still 09:03 PM June 17, 2007 from txt [ 30 Something ]

nate32x loving the latest HIEROCAST... A-Plus recounts the history of Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief 06:56 PM June 13, 2007 from web [ 93 'til Infinity ]

nate32x listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff's new album on the earbuds, cooking my family a stir fry 08:40 PM June 09, 2007 from web [ Let Me Hear U Clap, Hold It Down ]

nate32x checking out Amy Winehouse and Mos Def on mtv 11:39 PM June 08, 2007 from web

nate32x adding my newly acquired Xzibit and UGK albums albums to 12:19 AM June 07, 2007 from web [ Concentrate, Diamonds & Wood ]

nate32x Mos Def's TRUE MAGIC is a lot better if you tell yourself its a mix tape not a full album 01:27 AM June 06, 2007 from txt [ There Is A Way, Lifetime ]

nate32x catching up on some indiefeed hip hop podcasts i missed... still looking for the perfect beats of 2007 to fill a mix cd for my sis-in-law 06:24 PM June 02, 2007 from web [ Jennifa Jones ]

nate32x Kris & Marley's "Hip Hop Lives" is fire! 09:28 PM May 29, 2007 from txt [ Hip Hop Lives, All Skool ]

nate32x still up... rocking Swollen Members featuring Aceyalone on iTunes 11:48 PM May 23, 2007 from web [ Consumption ]

nate32x tucked the kid in, checking out some of the American Idol spectacle... by the way, i predicted Jordin Sparks 10 weeks ago 09:43 PM May 23, 2007 from txt [ We're Brothers Forever ]


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