Free music I got from so far (Not Done)


27. Nov. 2007, 20:34

NOTE: as of today (5/12/07) I'll be tagging all this as "free music". In other words, you can find the list in my tag list here

I might have missed some, but here comes my list (in no particular order) as of 5/12/07:

Friendly Bears: A Doubtful Case and Female Saviour (Jazz/Experimental): Great.

Agathocles: Superiority Overdose (grind/death metal): pretty bad.

Alexisonfire: 44 Caliber Love Letter and Polaroid's Of Polar Bears (screamo/post-hardcore?): not bad.

All Angels Gone: Empty Cars on the Road, Stephen H., Unrelated and Wave (post-rock): Quite Good.

Analog Missionary: Dirty Road, Interference, Lilith andWalk to the Sun (post/art rock): good, especially Lilith.

Battlelore: Sword's Song (power/folk metal): average at best.

Converge: Downpour (industrial metal/hardcore/metalcore): fairly good.

Dropkick: Listen To You, Nothing To Repair, Obvious and Only For Yourself(country/pop?): quite good, Nothing to Repair in particular.

Eluveitie: Your Gaulish War (folk metal with some melodeath influences): not bad.

Flesh Field: Chemical Halo (Brusied Regenra (ebm/industrial): pretty good

Futuristic Sex Robotz: Fuck The MPAA, Welcome To The Internet, WoW and Back In The Day (nerdcore/hip-hop): TOTALLY AWESOME!

Iedereen Zóôò Jotje (obtained elsewhere, but has free songs on really, really hilarious and entertaining.

In Slaughter Natives: Angel Meat, Media, Sacred Worms and Saducismus Triumphatus (industrial/dark ambient): pretty good, worth checking out.

Isis: Everybody Needs A Forever, Icy Winds and Waiting For The Sonrise (jazzyish stuff, I think?): very weird (probably because I expected prog metal), but not bad!

Izumi: Hate, Ruffus, The dog and Sã Matinh (progressive metal, says lastfm anyway): quite bad. I dislike the vocals.

Jamie Cullum: I Want To Be A Popstar (jazz): quite good.

Jaya The Cat: Blur (ska / rock): fun!

kuriken: Alone (ambient/experimental/electronic): pretty good! Say hi to the guy on =).

LBS: Marzenia, Moja prawda, Nowy dzien and Sukces (rap/hip-hop): pretty minimalistic, or so to say, and really low recording volume, but not bad. I'm liking Sukces (whatever it means).

Let It Flow: Mourning, Dirge, Flee and Deadly Silence (doom metal): not bad. A more rockish style of doom metal than I like, tho.

Leæther Strip: Dirty little secret, Suicide Bombers and The Trouble (ebm/industrial): quite good!


  • gwalla

    Yeah, there's an older jazz band called Isis, and also a recent post-rock band called Isis (and a female rapper from the '90s named Isis, and a funk group from the '70s called Isis, and and and...) Last.FM can't distinguish between different bands with the same name.

    9. Jan. 2008, 5:19
  • ygrer

    check out Sundaysounds if you like :)

    16. Feb. 2008, 22:52
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