Albums of the Year 2009


25. Okt. 2009, 10:48

Worst Album of the year: Kasabian
Worst Band of the year: Kings of Leon
Band Of The Year: Phoenix
Women Of The Year: Beyoncé
Man Of The Year: Justin Vernon
DJ/Remixer Of The Year: Aeroplane & Mr. Oizo
Song Of The Year:What Would I Want? Sky - Animal Collective

Album Of The Year:..................

Still debating over: Atlas Sound, The Avett Brothers, Coconut Records, Data,The Drums, Editors, The Flaming Lips, Gallows, Riceboy Sleeps, Krazy Baldhead

Average albums: Golden Silvers, Cribs, Biffy Clyro, The Big Pink, Little Boots, Röyksopp, Speech Debelle, Tegan and Sara, The Temper Trap, A A Bondy, U2, Weezer, Prodigy, Andrew W.K., Dan Deacon, The Dead Weather, Discovery, Rain Machine, Sparklehorse, Wavves, Arctic Monkeys, Au Revoir Simone, Fever Ray, Brendan Benson

Overrated poop or just poop: The BPA, Dan Black,Dizzee Rascal, The Enemy, Esser, Frankmusik, Girls, Green Day, La Roux, White Lies, Florence & The Machine, Jack Penate, Kasabian

Nice but instantly forgetable: Clem Snide, David Gray, Calvin Harris, Brakes, Imogen Heap, Islands, Jeremy Jay,Jesse Rose, The Juan Maclean, Magic Arm, Patrick Wolf

Great film, soundtrack worth a mention: Clint Mansell - Moon

Great few singles but pretty average album: Futureheads,Jay-Z, Major Lazer,Miike Snow, Mika, Phonat, Paolo Nutini, Pete Doherty, Tiga, Wave Machines

Expected better from: Air, Basement Jaxx, Doves,Bob Dylan,Franz Ferdinand, Kid Cudi, Maps,Kings of Convenience, YACHT

Most disappointing: Simian Mobile Disco

Close but no banana: De La Soul, Andrew Bird, Animal Hospital,Antlers, Bell Orchestre, Black Lips, Blue Roses, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Delorean, Health, Here We Go Magic, Neon Indian, Horrors, It Hugs Back, James Blackshaw, Julian Plenti, Junior Boys, Laura Gibson, Lily Allen, Maccabees,MSTRKRFT, Noah & The Whale, Regina Specktor, Reigns, White Denim, Maximo Park, Moby

36 - Manners - Passion Pit 7/10

Its hard not to like this album. Full of infectious vocals hooks, stomping pop rhythms and danceable synth grooves. Its just a little too much like Scissor Sisters than MGMT for me, and I always confuse the names of their songs because they all kinda sound the same.

Standout Track: To Kingdom Come

35 - Phrazes For The Young - Julian Casablancas 7/10

Short but packed with some killer hooks and choruses. What 'First Impressions Of Earth' should've sounded like.

Standout Track: Glass

34 - Fall Be Kind [EP] - Animal Collective 8/10

This e.p. makes the list just for 'What Would I Want? Sky'. Song is even better than 'My Girls'.

Standout Track: What Would I Want? Sky

33 - Journal For Plague Lovers - Manic Street Preachers 7/10

A pretty solid return from the only good band from Wales.

Standout Track: Jackie Collins Existential Question Time

32 - Dark Was The Night - Various Artists 8/10

A great collections of new and covered songs by some of the finest indie bands around.

Standout Track: Brackett, WI - Bon Iver

31 - Klang - The Rakes 7/10

"I just had a revolution, we've been f**ked by the institution, so we ain't got nothing to lose man"

Can't believe they've split up. One of the best Brit indie-rock bands.

Standout Track: The Final Hill

30 - The Resistance - Muse 7/10

Isn't the classic album i was hoping it would be but still, its Muse. hugely enjoyable as always.

Standout Track: Exogenesis: Symphony Pt 3: Redemption

29 - xx - The xx 7/10

One of the years best debut albums. Be interesting to see where they go next.

Standout Track: VCR

28 - The Kinks Choral Collection - Ray Davies 7/10

The legendary Ray Davies backed by a choir. Bliss!

Standout Track: Picture Book

27 - Live At The Hollywood Bowl - Van Morrison 7/10

Van Morrison plays Astral Weeks in all its full glory. The original album was music perfection and live it sounds just as wonderful. just wish i was there.

Standout Track: Sweet Thing

26 - Wilco (The Album) - Wilco 7/10

A few standout tracks but overall its a bit disappointing. Still, not including Wilco in a best of list would be like making a best of the 60s and not including The Beatles or the Stones. yeah, they're the 00s equivalent.

Standout Track: Solitaire

25 - Live In London - Leonard Cohen 8/10

Fantasmical! I've only listened to this a few times all the way through but each time i've enjoyed it so much. The sound is amazing and his interaction with the audience is so warm and intimate. Such a legend.

Standout Track: Who by Fire

24 - No More Stories Are Told Today, I'm Sorry, They Washed Away - Mew 8/10

Mew have always been one of those bands you have to keep an eye on cos you know they have the protential to make some amazing, and with this album i think they've finally done just that. Pretty stunning effort. Their strongest album by far.

Standout Track: Introducing Palace Players

23 - The Crying Light - Antony and the Johnsons 7/10

Beautiful melodies and the voice is as haunting as ever but overall, a little dull. Disappointing follow up to 'I Am A Bird Now'.

Standout Track: Aeon

22 - Unmap - Volcano Choir 7/10

Some of the songs and ideas seem a bit unfinished, but its Justin Vernon and the guys a genius.

Standout Track: Island, IS

21 - Two Suns - Bat for Lashes 7/10

A beautiful and bewitching album. I love how she writes from the heart and pours herself in to every song.

Standout Track: Daniel

20 - March of the Zapotec - Beirut 7/10

A short but pleasant listen.

Standout Track: Venice

19 - A New Tide - Gomez 8/10

Comeback of the year for me. Gomez have always been consistent in making beautiful, catchy pop songs but not since 'Bring It On' have they brought together such a strong collection of songs in one album. This deserves more attention.

Standout Track: Little Pieces

18 - The Invisible - The Invisible 8/10

Maybe a little high but this is a great British debut. Definitely worthy of the TVotR comparison and should of won the Mercury Prize this year.

Standout Track: Ok

17 - The Ecstatic - Mos Def 8/10

The finest Hip-hop album of the year.

Standout Track: Quiet Dog Bite Hard

16 - Pourriture - Mr. Oizo 8/10

Mr. Oizo remixes some of his best songs from 'Lambs Anger'. Sound better than the originals.

Standout Track: Steroids (Mr. Oizo Remix)

15 - Kings & Queens - Jamie T 8/10

The boy from Wimbledon has done it again creating another polished album of modern pop brilliance.

Standout Track: The Man's Machine

14 - The Uninvited Guest - Siriusmo 9/10

This is serious dance music. I'm sure this guy will soon be recognized as one of the biggest names in the genre. Incredible stuff!

Standout Track: High Together

13 - Elvis Perkins In Dearland - Elvis Perkins 8/10

Folk album of the year.

Standout Track: Doomsday

12 - Jewellery - Micachu 9/10

Produced by the brilliant Matthew Herbert, this is one of the most exciting and fresh albums of the year. So many clever ideas and arrangements. Micachu is a real talent. Like Kate Bush and PJ Harvey she has that star quality. A future British music icon.

Standout Track: Ship

11 - Resevoir - Fanfarlo 8/10

Standout Track: I'm a Pilot

When i first heard this i was overly critical thinking it was a poor British attempt at doing a Beirut but the more i listen to it the more i love it.

10 - Tarot Sport - Fuck Buttons 9/10

" A clusterfuck of noise and emotion".

Standout Track: Olympians

09 - Actor - St. Vincent 9/10

I was quickly dismissive of this album when i first heard it, but now I've come to love it! Even better than her first! Marrow, The Strangers, The Party... so many great tracks!

Standout Track: The Strangers

08 - Bitte Orca - Dirty Projectors 8/10

Songs like Stillness Is The Move and Two Doves are so beautifully crafted. The whole album is just breathtaking.

Standout Track: Stillness Is the Move

07 - Veckatimest - Grizzly Bear 8/10

It's not 'Yellow House' but still a very polished album. Keeps you coming back for more.

Standout Track: Two Weeks

06 - It's Blitz - Yeah Yeah Yeahs 9/10

Every song is a gem.

Standout Track: Hysteric

05 - Flashmob - Vitalic 9/10

Its been over 4 years since 'OK Cowboy' but this was so worth the wait! Monster electronic future anthems. French music rules the dancefloor.

Standout Track: Terminateur Benelux

04 - Two Dancers - Wild Beasts 9/10

I was expecting something good after their promising debut but never thought it would be this good. Beautiful falsetto vocals, glittering guitars and shifting rhythms. Its an astounding piece of work. Best British album of the year.

Standout Track: All The King's Men

03 - Power - Boys Noize 9/10

Listening to this album, and' Jeffer' especially, i finally realise why so many people in the dance blogosphere hold them in such high regard. These guys are incredible.

Standout Track: Jeffer

02 - Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective 10/10

For most of the year it's been my favourite album of '09 but after seeing them twice headlining this year and both times leaving disappointed ive kinda lost a bit of love for AC. Still, theyre one of the most exciting and creative bands out there and this album is already a classic.

Standout Track: My Girls

01 - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - Phoenix 10/10

Been a massive fan since hearing Too Young off the Lost In Translation soundtrack back in 2002. One of the songs of the decade. They've made some great songs since - If I Ever Feel Better, Long Distance Call to name a few, but their albums haven't really been that strong and have left them under the radar... up till now. theyve finally made their standout album and one that is worthy of critical acclaim.

this is an awesome indie-pop album, from start to finish i can listen to this album over and over again and never get bored. full of catchy melodies, inventive pop hooks and infectious grooves. This is their 'Is This It', their 'OK Computer', 'Hunky Dory', 'Sgt Peppers'. This is a pop masterpiece.

Standout track: Love Like a Sunset


  • lukew4ll

    nice list. helped me discover siriusmo so thank you!

    26. Okt. 2009, 4:24
  • ThaSven89

    You are missing Gazpacho - Tick Tock, Mumford and Sons - Sigh no more, Megafaun - Gather, Form and Fly and Archive - Controlling Crowds. I'm sure you will like them. But this is a great list. I didn't know a few of them and they appeared to be great surprises! So thanks!

    15. Nov. 2009, 15:14
  • nalwor

    Cheers for the comments. Some good suggestions. Didnt think much of Temper Trap's album and Mumford & Sons kinda sound like another noah and the whale. MSTRKRFT 'Fist of God' is a great album tho.

    15. Nov. 2009, 18:29
  • airfigaro

    Thanks for posting your list! I included it in my journal

    20. Nov. 2009, 7:07
  • TotaIIyRadd

    I find it ironic that Phoenix isn't included in overrated. There isn't a day that passes by without me hearing it on the radio/tv commercial/around. I also find it laughable that Weezer was listed as having a decent album, yuck. But in the end it all comes down to tastes so what I have to say doesn't really matter, great list. Props.

    23. Nov. 2009, 5:48
  • y2penni

    I just made a shortlist of my top tracks of 2009... need to whittle 500 down to 100.

    24. Nov. 2009, 14:13
  • dashiva76

    Good list. I'll check Wild Beasts, i hadn't heard about them

    24. Nov. 2009, 21:13
  • sunnychick

    Great, great well thought out list! MIne is all in my head, I'm just hanging fire for a week or two in case anything else brilliant should come along..:)

    24. Nov. 2009, 23:11
  • sunnychick

    Oh, and I do make it harder for myself by restricting it to 1o albums!

    24. Nov. 2009, 23:13
  • Hejog

    very great post

    25. Nov. 2009, 9:48
  • nalwor


    26. Nov. 2009, 20:32
  • henkedenke

    kasabian's album is not the worst one of the year! I agree on many other things, but their album is quite good!

    3. Dez. 2009, 21:21
  • nalwor

    nah its shit. they're just oasis in disguise

    11. Dez. 2009, 19:56
  • yr_dog

    'What I would want? Sky' as the best song? no, just no.

    18. Dez. 2009, 15:00
  • dolly94

    boys noize is one guy ;)

    19. Dez. 2009, 4:53
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